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Spiritual Bullies

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I know that you probably haven’t had the privilege to experience a “Spiritual Bully”… It’s something else! It is the epitome of a conundrum. You come out of the ordeal scratching your head and trying hard to hold back a scream – or two. And it leaves you empty and wondering what planet you’re on. But that’s not the worst of it… The worst of it comes when you realize that those being bullies are the ones that this world is relying on to help turn things around, in favor of the Light. Oh, Oh – We’re in trouble. May-day, May-day!


    I’ve had many bully experiences in my life. Starting at a very young age and being a bit odd due to the fact that I wasn’t from this “pond”, I was singled out all the time – and made fun of. In this world, I don’t fit in. But when it comes to “knowing” spiritual understandings and the protocols of the Higher Realms, I’m not the odd-ball at all. Actually, I’m just one of the “boys” – or gals. In this Earth body, I’ve had to defend myself many times against bullies. And believe me when I tell you that even though I have been the underdog, even though I was puny and looked like a wimp, I would beat the crap out of them. How? It was the Light that was inside of me – The Light Force – that made me relentless, as I stood for righteousness. It would never fail me because on top of the fact that I harbored the Light and was in continuous communication with “the other side”, I had a “burning” need to defend the meek and the humble.

I remember an incident when my mother took my four year old brother and me to visit one of my aunts who lived in an apartment building, one block away from the train station. We lived several blocks down the road, in Queens, NY. It was your typical neighborhood in Queens, lots of small shops and deli’s and candy stores lined the sidewalk, parallel to the elevated train station. My brother was four and still in a stroller because he was a handful and it was the way my mother could control him. My aunt hadn’t come home from work yet and we waited outside for her. It was summer time and hot. I was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt with a pretty collar. I was always very quiet and well behaved and I waited patiently with my mother and brother. I was bored, but didn’t show it because I wasn’t one for complaining. One could tell that I was bored and uncomfortable by the way I transferred my weight from one foot then the other. I was tired of standing, the sun was hitting my eyes, and I was squinting and sweating. We were waiting outside for an hour. I knew because my mother mentioned it when I finally asked when Auntie would come home. She had said that she got home at three. I asked her how close we were to three. She had said in just a little bit. Then, I ventured to ask again. “How close are we now…?” She said “Well, she’s late.” I turned to look at her, shielded my eyes, by putting my hand over my brows and squinted again. “How late”, I asked. My mother said, “She’s an hour late.” An hour is a long time, I thought – at least it sounded like a long time. I don’t know that I can keep standing because my feet hurt so much!

A tall kid wearing black, paste glasses, who lived in the same building as my aunt, came out of the building and saw us standing there. He approached my brother who was also fidgety in the stroller and kicked him in the stomach for no reason. Yes, he was probably possessed. Or, he was just thinking that he could show his might with the meek…Well, that ended the boredom right then! My brother began to scream in pain. My mother was also screaming and yelling. The kid was not only tall, but heavy-set. He was so much bigger than me! The top of my head went up to his chest. The scene seemed surreal or like a bad dream. I didn’t comprehend what caused this kid to kick my brother out of the blue, but I wasn’t really “thinking”. I just knew that the kid had done something that was unprovoked and hurt an innocent child – and that child was my brother! Apparently he thought it was OK to pick on those smaller and weaker than he, and those that couldn’t or wouldn’t defend themselves. I was not going to let him get away with that – no way…

So, shy and meek little ole me spoke up. “Stop it”, I said. “Get out of here…” The kid came up to me. He said, “Make me!”

“I’ll make you!” I said, swallowing hard.

“Yeah?” he said, sort of hissing through the gap in his teeth.

“I will….”

He approached me and asked in an instigating manner, “How old are you?”

And so I lied and said, “nine….”

Image: Image: Image: bullyingHe laughed in a mocking fashion, his voice cracking and sounding hoarse. Then, he picked me up by the front collar of my shirt and lifted me up in the air, my feet dangling. He said, “Well, I’m thirteen….”

I swallowed hard, thinking to myself, “oh, oh….”

He began hitting me in the face and in my chest. I could barely make out the sounds of my mother yelling, telling him to stop. As I was getting hit and punched, I began to search for that inner place, the place where I would go to call on my other self – the one with all the powers, the one that came forth when I used the “Magic” words that I used all the time to summon the Light Force. I connected. Then I said the words in my head: “Super-Duper, Hurricane-Herc, Tornado, Atom, Atomic, Storm Tarzan…. Let’s go Girl!” And Poof – I became a “Super Hero!

I closed my eyes and went inward. There I found that Super Hero. I began hitting the kid, hitting him hard. Since he was holding me up high, I was at eye-level. I hit him unceasingly in the head and face. From that innermost part of my being, I found the hardest blows I could land. They connected with his nose, his temples, his ears, his mouth, his teeth, his glasses. There was no place I didn’t land a blow on his head and face. I cracked his glasses. He dropped me and began to run down Skillman Ave. I ran after him, for I had the speed of a “Super Hero”. I was at his heals when he yelled, “Stop, help, police, help.” I caught up to him, grabbed him by the shirt and held on; and I beat him even more. I was relentless and fearless and I had had it with this bullying behavior and with those that took advantage of others in any manner.

After I felt he had enough, I decided to let him go. He continued to run away from me, crying and cursing, as he ran. I walked back to my mother and brother. My brother had stopped screaming. He was whimpering. My mother was worried that I was hurt. I wasn’t. I wasn’t even scratched. The blows he had landed didn’t hurt.

We waited a bit longer for my aunt to get home. And during that time, the kid came back all ragged-looking; his shirt was ripped and untucked; he had bruises on his face and a bleeding lip. The lenses of his glasses were shattered and the frame was warped. I had already turned into my meek self, yet he avoided me when he saw me still standing on the sidewalk. He went into the building swearing and threatening to call the police. I told him to go right ahead. We never saw him again after that.


I think it’s safe to say that I don’t like bullies – of any kind! And now that I’m all grown up and I am a Light Emissary – or your “garden-variety” Light Warrior – I am certainly not putting up with any Pseudo-Spirituals who want to go on their high-horse and bully others who they deem are less-than spiritually! It’s not happening on my watch – period!

It’s amazing to observe how these so-called spirituals set it up so that they can come out of their holes and go for the kill. It would be funny – if it wasn’t that they hurt so many. And I have come to the conclusion that these folks, who have this delusion that they are “in the know” spiritually and that believe with all sincerity that they have achieved some sort of Mastery from ACME School of Spirituality have been ruthlessly compromised by some nice, run of the mill entities that have made themselves right at home in that room that was vacated by their heart.

facebookposter2It is shameful that at this stage of the game, and it’s almost crunch time, these folks are in such a stupor and hypnotic state that they chastise those who are truly “in the know” – in public forums – hoping to show them a lesson. Instead of Unification, they are causing deliberate separation. Why? Again, these are infiltrators, working for that dark force that is currently showing itself as the negative events that are transpiring all across the globe. These forces want nothing more than to separate, exhaust, discourage and disarm the Light Forces in embodiment. So, they place their “goons” in strategic websites, forums, chatroom and groups with the hope that their Bullying will sway those in the group to think like them. Their posture and concepts are based on pure disinformation for the purpose of having the Light Forces stand down.

Their message is that there is no evil, or if you find one that admits to the evil factions, they say that the evil-doers or evil forces or negative ETs have been taken off planet. They’ll make statements that everything is being taken care of by ETs or Ascended Masters. Or everything is in Divine Order. Yet the world shows a different picture. The world shows a place that has gone awry because many of the Light Forces have been compromised by these infiltrated messages of pure disinformation. These are all tactics used by the Opponent, who has found an easy prey.

The Attributes of a Spiritual Bully

If you run across these personality traits, you are probably dealing with a spiritual bully. You can either step into you Power and Authority – if you’ve discovered it and have reclaimed it. Or you might just have to walk away and leave them thinking they won – which is part of their delusional problem… Here are the traits:

Arrogance – There is this demeanor of aggrandizement, of spiritual superiority that is pretty nauseating. The behavior or the attitude, though, is of someone who just came out of a spiritual banana boat. No one that has attained any kind of higher spiritual mastery behaves in such a manner.

Huge Ego – It is clear that the Ego hasn’t been tamed and that it is used as a weapon to hurt. Part of the game of hurting is to be more astute than the other person and coming across as an expert. If the other person doesn’t understand the infiltrated disinformation, then it is made to seem that the other person doesn’t have a grasp about the concept and therefore isn’t spiritually mature.

Delusion – They’re in a state of delusion thinking that they are spiritually accomplished, when their behavior shows otherwise

Closed to other perspectives – The only point of view or belief system they’ll accept is their own. Usually obtained through the New Age Movement and acquired through spiritually immature teachers who were incapable of walking their talk. They’ve learned how to master the art of regurgitating concepts, using New Age jargon.

Need to correct – They have this urge to comment after someone has posted something that is not along the lines of their belief system. They do this in a public manner, making the victim of this feel as if they are spiritual-newbies or spiritually inept.

Self-Imposed Master – Yes they have knighted themselves into being a spiritual master. They would call themselves an Ascended Master, but they know that people will question why they still have to defecate… Their behavior though is indicative of a person who hasn’t yet awakened to the pseudo-spiritual level.

Demeaning – This is a tactic used by the dark forces and their minions to create doubt in the Spiritual Emissary. By creating self-doubt, the Light Emissary needs to rely on others for his information and spiritual guidance. This then leads him straight to the wolf’s den, where he will now receive indoctrination and a whole lot of disinformation to keep him complacent, docile, in a stupor and spiritually lobotomized. This way the Light Emissary is not cognizant of the agenda of the dark forces and becomes disinterested in taking action to correct what is not in alignment with The Will of Prime Creator.

Spiritual Bully

Spiritual Gangs

What’s better than one Spiritual Bully? How about two or more? Because their posture is based on fluff and disinformation, there is always another one of these impostors, waiting on the sidelines and ready to back up the initial Bully. They then gang up on the person who made a comment, put up a post, posted a video or asked a question. And if you’re an observer of this, you will either watch in fascination, or you’ll be disgusted; or you’ll find yourself either agreeing with the Bullies or not wanting to be chastised by voicing your own opinion that differs from theirs. In the meantime, the slaughter goes on, until the person that is bullied stops commenting back or leaves the group all together.

This experience leaves a very sour taste in anyone’s mouth. And it’s not easy to shake off. It makes you wonder what we’re up against, because if this is a representation of the Light, we’re in deep trouble. So, it is very important to understand the need for discernment, and to learn how these dark forces work and how they weave their sinister threads into everything. Awareness of this is key because these Sinister Ones are so clever and so on top of their game that you will begin to start getting sick when you hear spiritual terms or listen to spiritual information. You will begin to associate the bad experience with spirituality in general – so anything spiritually-empowering becomes a turn-off.


Spiritual Bullies are strategically here to keep The Light Emissaries off task; to create doubt; to cause separation and to have you withdraw from “spirituality” . They truly think they are “in the know“, and they haven’t realized that their behavior is not one that is indicative of someone representing The Light.

The overall experience with one of these Bullies creates disempowerment for many. The fact that there are so many Spiritual Bullies – who deem themselves to be representatives of the Light – engaging in this type of behavior is alarming; and it is one of the reasons that The Light Forces are not advancing as quickly as we would like or making dramatic progress in correcting the conditions afflicting this world. The reason is that many of the disempowering concepts that are being disseminated by these Bullies are being embraced by many, and it keeps the Light representatives docile, complacent, apathetic, and indifferent. Also, the sole purpose for being in embodiment becomes the pursuit of your own spiritual edification and nothing more. In the meantime the planet that you were made a custodian of, and humanity which you are here to help, continues down the path of negative experience.

The Bullying-technique is one of the many ways that the dark forces get you to stand down and not become empowered. So, being totally aware of these Spiritual Bullies is part of your Spiritual Arsenal and will help you avoid the pitfalls of when you encounter them. Nobody said this job would be easy, but now that you know what to look for, there’s no reason to experience these Sinister Traps anymore. Stay strong, stay true, stay empowered and know what is animating these Bullies. Once you recognize it for what it is, shine your Light as bright as you can. You come from the Divine Realms and represent The Office of The Christ; and you have Absolute Divine Power and Authority over all forces that demean others and that spread disinformation. These are not the qualities of The Light . Do not be deceived, as you shall know them by their fruit.

– Ari Kopel

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