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The “Event” Deception – Another Carrot

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I’ve done everything I can  and then some  to exit “stage left” out of this dense reality. I bet many of you feel the same way. How much more do we need to endure? How much longer do we have to wait? It’s the same thing over and over again – like “Ground Hog Day”. The circumstances in your life and on this planet repeat themselves and don’t seem to change – or they do change, but not for the better. Nothing seems to be working to alleviate these conditions…Yet, we’re told otherwise by the all-knowing discarnate voices of channeled messages and so-called spiritual leaders. They say that portals of light are opening everywhere and that the dark forces are leaving the planet by the droves. Where? How? Which planet are we talking about?


In the meantime, we’re in a perpetual “waiting room” – hoping for news about an outcome. The outcome is the fate of humanity – our fate. We’ve done everything that we feel is necessary to prepare ourselves for a “home-coming” that doesn’t quite come together. We’ve been given dates and time frames, and yet more dates; and we see these come and go – along with the seasons and our favorite holidays. Many sources, like so-called spiritual teachers and channeled messengers, have given lame reasons as to why we haven’t witnessed a transformation, an ascension, a major “shift”. We’re told the dates have been moved, or that we’ve jumped timelines and other such delusional explanations – that many are buying into and not questioning.

In the meantime, we wait and hang on. We live life one day at a time; and the only thing that allows us to wake up in the morning is the hope that soon we’re out of here; and that soon we’ll wake up to the view of a sun birthing from the horizon of a new Earth. The reality, woman-looking-out-windowthough, is that some of us are barely surviving, or just getting by. We’re struggling. Some of us try to stay optimistic by keeping up with information that contains promises of an “event” that will unfold shortly. This possibility gives us some relief – but the relief is mental. It quiets our mind. What we don’t know is that nothing is really happening behind the scenes. There is no rescue planned; no outside source intervening; no special thing that will, all of a sudden, grant us entrance into a fifth-dimensional Earth.

 The problem lies in the lies. We’ve been duped – again! We’ve been preconditioned to think it’s an “external” event. Something outside ourselves that will happen to get us to a realm that is free from strife, free from grief, absent of despair and disappointment. Something that is off-world is coming and will get this “whole enchilada” back on track… or we’ll go to sleep one night and wake up in a totally different reality – the one that we see when we do our visualizations.


 So, we wait…and wait…and wait – millennia after millennia, century after century, year after year. We get placated by pretty, flowery words and promises that state: “the shift is only ten years away…”, and then, “the ascension is only two years away…” These empty promises have us chasing a proverbial carrot that we can never grab – because it’s not meant to be grabbed.  

We are in a perpetual hypnotic trance – a state created, and hypnotize8perfected, by “creatures” that have the ultimate formula on mass-marketing and mass hypnosis. It’s the astral version of Madison Avenue. It is meant to keep the masses, and especially the Light Emissaries, in a perpetual stupor, and in a state of docility and dependence.

These masters of deception have studied us well; and they know our hot buttons. They know the triggers that elicit certain behaviors and reactions from us. They use those, whom they’ve hand-selected, to deliver intentionally deceptive information. Because we’re so desperate to get answers – that give us a reason to go on one more day – we embrace the lie as truth.

The truth is that we make the decision when this “shift” will occur. The shift is within us – not an outside event. What are you doing to shift? What are you doing to change things in your personal life and in the outside world? If you haven’t been doing anything because you’ve been waiting for something to happen that is external to you, and out of your control, you’ll still be waiting twenty years from now for that “magical event” that will change things for you. How much time do you have left in embodiment?

dad looking out studio window Some of us are at that point in our lives where there isn’t much time left. Our clock is winding down… and we’ve pretty much wasted a lot of valuable time waiting for the “golden ticket” to Nirvana to arrive. Maybe we should have started walking twenty years ago – we would have been there my now…

Throughout history, others were waiting for that “magical event” as well; and they all transitioned from this world without witnessing it – unless they chose to be that change. When this occurred, because the individual “got it” or understood what had to be done, they mastered themselves apparitiongetattachment.aspxand found the key or the “golden ticket” out of this reality. The golden ticket was Self-Mastery. These who mastered themselves in this manner were able to transcend the life-death cycle, all illusion, all limitations and the physics of this density.

I am certain that during their various embodiments in this realm, there was plenty of talk about an outside event or situation that would graduate everyone at the same time – without really much effort. It was the “grandfathered-in” concept, where everyone got to go through the eye of the needle, just because they were a member of the human race. But, the few who have attained their liberation from this density have done so through deliberate effort, by correct thinking and by making correct choices. How many actually attain self-mastery? Not many.

coffee_granules_16x9Many want to be able to obtain that level of spiritual attainment, as quickly as one would prepare instant coffee – not desiring to do the spiritual work necessary or take the time necessary. That would require connecting to Prime Creator, approaching communion in a humble manner and in awe, like a little child. Apparently, this is too much work. Keeping our thoughts in check, our reactions in alignment to the Divine and taking right action is not something some of us are willing to undertake.

theloveguruIt is much easier to get the Intel from pseudo-spirituals and their astral cohorts than to get the pristine uncorrupted guidance and Truth from the One who created All Knowledge to begin with. So the easy route, otherwise known as the path of “thinking our way to enlightenment” via disinformation brokers – who are more than happy to provide the golden nuggets of Truisms, mixed in with blatant lies – is the path of choice. The lies that have been fed to us have kept us from truly taking the appropriate steps necessary to earn our spiritual mastery. Instead of being empowered, we’ve become disempowered. The spiritual decadence of this New Age Era has provided a “smorgasbord” of different ideologies, beliefs, concepts and understandings that keep us arguing and divided – behavior that is not representative of someone with higher spiritual understandings or someone who upholds the Light. It’s the Dark Ages meets Atlantis – the era of Deception!

 NEwN8xzCmjvhzD_1_3Stephen Youll - Letters From Atlantis

08atlantisIn the meantime, the sinister forces gloat to watch us in a path of derailment. When we think we’re one more year away from a graduation, we regress into an enfolding darkness – the Great Void. This is the age of disillusion, the age of spiritual decadence, the epoch of spiritual arrogance and spiritual irresponsibility. It is the era of non-discernment and spiritual self-indulgence.

geuu_01_img0088It is the time of flirting with dark forces that whisper words into our ears, words that mesmerize – words that are like spiritual opium. These have the power for negative creation – because they disempower. They leave us only wanting our fix of feel-good messages and deliberate denial of the unprecedented conditions that we’re facing. We are being used to help create the demise of our civilization, of our morals and of our humanity by our inaction and lack of attention. We are giving our consent for the desecration of a pristine world and all its life-forms. When we say nothing and do nothing this is giving the “go ahead”. We don’t understand that when we look away, this is a “conscious choice” which leads to a descension. This, of course, will not be pointed out by those who have designed the deception, because they want to keep us as their prize possession within the matrix, or cage, that they’ve created for us!



History does repeat itself. Sometimes through irresponsibility, and self-absorption, we’re plunged to even darker depths of human experience. 




Not too long ago, Moses was throwing tablets at a people who decided to explore decadence instead of holiness. Today, the “people” are displaying spiritual arrogance and listening to discarnates give messages that lead to self-service, apathy and indifference. Our behavior is indicative of what is displayed right at the end of a Great Cycle. It is the time of pseudo-enlightenment – the Era of Deception.

What does it take to wake up from the hypnosis and enter into true gnosis? Who wants to reclaim their Power & Divine Connection – and be Warriors for radical change? This is the only way to experience “the Shift”, the Transformation – the Ascension.

Have I done everything I can to exit  “stage left” out of this reality? No… I’m obviously still here – and it takes more than just thinking I’ve done enough! The desire for Self-Mastery has to burn in me. I have to yearn this connection with Creator and desire to be “spiritually self-reliant” and infused with Its Essence. Going to the “local priests” of the day doesn’t cut it!

It’s time to reclaim our Power and Authority… There are no more timelines or dates – no more events in the future… The time is Now! Those that proclaim something is coming over the horizon, that will transform everything magically – without any effort or Direct Connection to Creator – are deceiving you. Time to wake up!

– Ari Kopel


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It’s All in Divine Order – Nothing to Worry About!

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I wonder who in humanity, other than the obvious few corrupt/sinister ones, would actually want to bring chaos into our world?

Is it possible that the negative situations, the barbaric events that we see manifesting are due to the notion that maybe we haven’t paid attention to them, and that because of our lack of interest it’s gotten out of hand? Could it also be that we’ve been lied to about how to handle ourselves with respect to these sinister global events so that we’ve become a little too complacent and full or ourselves? I’m speaking about those who supposedly came into this world to help…. Where are you?

And who would be lying to us? Who or what would gain if we don’t pay attention to these things? Who or what would train us to think that if we focus on the negative aspects of this world we will bring it on – after all, we create our own reality? How many people in Syria created that reality for themselves? How many women who have been raped, accused of adultery and stoned to death have created that reality? How many sexually abused children or children used in rituals have brought this to their reality? Give me a break!

And who is calling those who bring this to everyone’s attention fear mongers? Those who use this terminology are in fear of being called out!

And who would embrace this type of thinking and careless spiritual belief? It is unfortunate for the Light Bearers who do get it, and are exhausted in holding the Light and taking on added responsibility. The total realization of the Spiritual Warfare is something that is too much to bear and it’s a heavy load. There is much battle-fatigue, as there is no help from the others that came in with that purpose…Those have been compromised by the false philosophies and now embrace a “laissez fair”, service-to-self thinking …

I guess those who embrace the “everything is in Divine Order” belief must be on a different planet or dimension, or maybe they’ve Ascended and we all didn’t get the Memo! But, they’re somewhere else…They’re somewhere that is not experiencing what we are witnessing on the planet at this moment. It must be Utopia for them to hold on to the notion that there is no evil and that people are just in a blissful state – perpetually – as they get their colonics, their organics and their doses of Ayahuasca.

What is happening to this world is worse than anything that Atlantis could have experienced. The degree of irresponsibility by those “in the Know” is beyond shameful! And every second that goes by, the darkness advances – without anything stopping it.

We can sit behind our computers and philosophize all day long, all year long… and the world is exponentially deteriorating beyond the point of recovery. This leads me to believe that we have been infiltrated and compromised in an unprecedented manner.

And if we don’t realize the degree of deception that has been served to us in a pretty, flowery plate, we will keep holding on to disempowering philosophies, philosophies that are creating and maintaining the Entropy.

If we want to turn this around, then we need to 1) acknowledge what is happening in the world – as not being in alignment with the Divine Blueprint and 2) take responsibility by rising to the occasion and using the Divine Gifts and the Powers that we possess by being Emissaries of The Light.

Those that serve darkness have made you believe you are sick, unloved, alone, old, poor, and broken… That you can’t connect to the Divine anymore, because you’ve inhaled one chemtrail too many, or have swallowed one glass of fluoridated water too many…

I tell you that this is not the case! Your Divinity overrides ALL that which has lied to you and tries hard to compromise you! DO NOT BE FOOLED and DO NOT believe the pretty-numbing messages of False Spirituality that has robbed you of The TRUTH, and taken away the POWER & AUTHORITY that is inherent in you so that you can bring forth the Will of Creator to this world.

Stand Up! Look at the evidence around you and ask: “Is it really in Divine Order?” Ask: “How have I advertently or inadvertently contributed to this chaos?”

If you can’t look at yourself in the mirror after answering, then it’s time to shake off the corrupt programing that has made you complacent, apathetic and indifferent; and it’s time to Connect Directly with Prime Creator. Only through the Light and the Vibration of the Higher Realms will we all ignite again and be That Light which will Blast the darkness out of this realm once and for all!

Have you had enough of the madness and the lies?

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My goal is to wake up the sleeping Light Emissaries – not the masses! I have been commissioned to bring this information out. May it be a tool in our Spiritual Arsenal for The Light.

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– Ari Kopel

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Spiritual Bullies

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I know that you probably haven’t had the privilege to experience a “Spiritual Bully”… It’s something else! It is the epitome of a conundrum. You come out of the ordeal scratching your head and trying hard to hold back a scream – or two. And it leaves you empty and wondering what planet you’re on. But that’s not the worst of it… The worst of it comes when you realize that those being bullies are the ones that this world is relying on to help turn things around, in favor of the Light. Oh, Oh – We’re in trouble. May-day, May-day!


    I’ve had many bully experiences in my life. Starting at a very young age and being a bit odd due to the fact that I wasn’t from this “pond”, I was singled out all the time – and made fun of. In this world, I don’t fit in. But when it comes to “knowing” spiritual understandings and the protocols of the Higher Realms, I’m not the odd-ball at all. Actually, I’m just one of the “boys” – or gals. In this Earth body, I’ve had to defend myself many times against bullies. And believe me when I tell you that even though I have been the underdog, even though I was puny and looked like a wimp, I would beat the crap out of them. How? It was the Light that was inside of me – The Light Force – that made me relentless, as I stood for righteousness. It would never fail me because on top of the fact that I harbored the Light and was in continuous communication with “the other side”, I had a “burning” need to defend the meek and the humble.

I remember an incident when my mother took my four year old brother and me to visit one of my aunts who lived in an apartment building, one block away from the train station. We lived several blocks down the road, in Queens, NY. It was your typical neighborhood in Queens, lots of small shops and deli’s and candy stores lined the sidewalk, parallel to the elevated train station. My brother was four and still in a stroller because he was a handful and it was the way my mother could control him. My aunt hadn’t come home from work yet and we waited outside for her. It was summer time and hot. I was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt with a pretty collar. I was always very quiet and well behaved and I waited patiently with my mother and brother. I was bored, but didn’t show it because I wasn’t one for complaining. One could tell that I was bored and uncomfortable by the way I transferred my weight from one foot then the other. I was tired of standing, the sun was hitting my eyes, and I was squinting and sweating. We were waiting outside for an hour. I knew because my mother mentioned it when I finally asked when Auntie would come home. She had said that she got home at three. I asked her how close we were to three. She had said in just a little bit. Then, I ventured to ask again. “How close are we now…?” She said “Well, she’s late.” I turned to look at her, shielded my eyes, by putting my hand over my brows and squinted again. “How late”, I asked. My mother said, “She’s an hour late.” An hour is a long time, I thought – at least it sounded like a long time. I don’t know that I can keep standing because my feet hurt so much!

A tall kid wearing black, paste glasses, who lived in the same building as my aunt, came out of the building and saw us standing there. He approached my brother who was also fidgety in the stroller and kicked him in the stomach for no reason. Yes, he was probably possessed. Or, he was just thinking that he could show his might with the meek…Well, that ended the boredom right then! My brother began to scream in pain. My mother was also screaming and yelling. The kid was not only tall, but heavy-set. He was so much bigger than me! The top of my head went up to his chest. The scene seemed surreal or like a bad dream. I didn’t comprehend what caused this kid to kick my brother out of the blue, but I wasn’t really “thinking”. I just knew that the kid had done something that was unprovoked and hurt an innocent child – and that child was my brother! Apparently he thought it was OK to pick on those smaller and weaker than he, and those that couldn’t or wouldn’t defend themselves. I was not going to let him get away with that – no way…

So, shy and meek little ole me spoke up. “Stop it”, I said. “Get out of here…” The kid came up to me. He said, “Make me!”

“I’ll make you!” I said, swallowing hard.

“Yeah?” he said, sort of hissing through the gap in his teeth.

“I will….”

He approached me and asked in an instigating manner, “How old are you?”

And so I lied and said, “nine….”

Image: Image: Image: bullyingHe laughed in a mocking fashion, his voice cracking and sounding hoarse. Then, he picked me up by the front collar of my shirt and lifted me up in the air, my feet dangling. He said, “Well, I’m thirteen….”

I swallowed hard, thinking to myself, “oh, oh….”

He began hitting me in the face and in my chest. I could barely make out the sounds of my mother yelling, telling him to stop. As I was getting hit and punched, I began to search for that inner place, the place where I would go to call on my other self – the one with all the powers, the one that came forth when I used the “Magic” words that I used all the time to summon the Light Force. I connected. Then I said the words in my head: “Super-Duper, Hurricane-Herc, Tornado, Atom, Atomic, Storm Tarzan…. Let’s go Girl!” And Poof – I became a “Super Hero!

I closed my eyes and went inward. There I found that Super Hero. I began hitting the kid, hitting him hard. Since he was holding me up high, I was at eye-level. I hit him unceasingly in the head and face. From that innermost part of my being, I found the hardest blows I could land. They connected with his nose, his temples, his ears, his mouth, his teeth, his glasses. There was no place I didn’t land a blow on his head and face. I cracked his glasses. He dropped me and began to run down Skillman Ave. I ran after him, for I had the speed of a “Super Hero”. I was at his heals when he yelled, “Stop, help, police, help.” I caught up to him, grabbed him by the shirt and held on; and I beat him even more. I was relentless and fearless and I had had it with this bullying behavior and with those that took advantage of others in any manner.

After I felt he had enough, I decided to let him go. He continued to run away from me, crying and cursing, as he ran. I walked back to my mother and brother. My brother had stopped screaming. He was whimpering. My mother was worried that I was hurt. I wasn’t. I wasn’t even scratched. The blows he had landed didn’t hurt.

We waited a bit longer for my aunt to get home. And during that time, the kid came back all ragged-looking; his shirt was ripped and untucked; he had bruises on his face and a bleeding lip. The lenses of his glasses were shattered and the frame was warped. I had already turned into my meek self, yet he avoided me when he saw me still standing on the sidewalk. He went into the building swearing and threatening to call the police. I told him to go right ahead. We never saw him again after that.


I think it’s safe to say that I don’t like bullies – of any kind! And now that I’m all grown up and I am a Light Emissary – or your “garden-variety” Light Warrior – I am certainly not putting up with any Pseudo-Spirituals who want to go on their high-horse and bully others who they deem are less-than spiritually! It’s not happening on my watch – period!

It’s amazing to observe how these so-called spirituals set it up so that they can come out of their holes and go for the kill. It would be funny – if it wasn’t that they hurt so many. And I have come to the conclusion that these folks, who have this delusion that they are “in the know” spiritually and that believe with all sincerity that they have achieved some sort of Mastery from ACME School of Spirituality have been ruthlessly compromised by some nice, run of the mill entities that have made themselves right at home in that room that was vacated by their heart.

facebookposter2It is shameful that at this stage of the game, and it’s almost crunch time, these folks are in such a stupor and hypnotic state that they chastise those who are truly “in the know” – in public forums – hoping to show them a lesson. Instead of Unification, they are causing deliberate separation. Why? Again, these are infiltrators, working for that dark force that is currently showing itself as the negative events that are transpiring all across the globe. These forces want nothing more than to separate, exhaust, discourage and disarm the Light Forces in embodiment. So, they place their “goons” in strategic websites, forums, chatroom and groups with the hope that their Bullying will sway those in the group to think like them. Their posture and concepts are based on pure disinformation for the purpose of having the Light Forces stand down.

Their message is that there is no evil, or if you find one that admits to the evil factions, they say that the evil-doers or evil forces or negative ETs have been taken off planet. They’ll make statements that everything is being taken care of by ETs or Ascended Masters. Or everything is in Divine Order. Yet the world shows a different picture. The world shows a place that has gone awry because many of the Light Forces have been compromised by these infiltrated messages of pure disinformation. These are all tactics used by the Opponent, who has found an easy prey.

The Attributes of a Spiritual Bully

If you run across these personality traits, you are probably dealing with a spiritual bully. You can either step into you Power and Authority – if you’ve discovered it and have reclaimed it. Or you might just have to walk away and leave them thinking they won – which is part of their delusional problem… Here are the traits:

Arrogance – There is this demeanor of aggrandizement, of spiritual superiority that is pretty nauseating. The behavior or the attitude, though, is of someone who just came out of a spiritual banana boat. No one that has attained any kind of higher spiritual mastery behaves in such a manner.

Huge Ego – It is clear that the Ego hasn’t been tamed and that it is used as a weapon to hurt. Part of the game of hurting is to be more astute than the other person and coming across as an expert. If the other person doesn’t understand the infiltrated disinformation, then it is made to seem that the other person doesn’t have a grasp about the concept and therefore isn’t spiritually mature.

Delusion – They’re in a state of delusion thinking that they are spiritually accomplished, when their behavior shows otherwise

Closed to other perspectives – The only point of view or belief system they’ll accept is their own. Usually obtained through the New Age Movement and acquired through spiritually immature teachers who were incapable of walking their talk. They’ve learned how to master the art of regurgitating concepts, using New Age jargon.

Need to correct – They have this urge to comment after someone has posted something that is not along the lines of their belief system. They do this in a public manner, making the victim of this feel as if they are spiritual-newbies or spiritually inept.

Self-Imposed Master – Yes they have knighted themselves into being a spiritual master. They would call themselves an Ascended Master, but they know that people will question why they still have to defecate… Their behavior though is indicative of a person who hasn’t yet awakened to the pseudo-spiritual level.

Demeaning – This is a tactic used by the dark forces and their minions to create doubt in the Spiritual Emissary. By creating self-doubt, the Light Emissary needs to rely on others for his information and spiritual guidance. This then leads him straight to the wolf’s den, where he will now receive indoctrination and a whole lot of disinformation to keep him complacent, docile, in a stupor and spiritually lobotomized. This way the Light Emissary is not cognizant of the agenda of the dark forces and becomes disinterested in taking action to correct what is not in alignment with The Will of Prime Creator.

Spiritual Bully

Spiritual Gangs

What’s better than one Spiritual Bully? How about two or more? Because their posture is based on fluff and disinformation, there is always another one of these impostors, waiting on the sidelines and ready to back up the initial Bully. They then gang up on the person who made a comment, put up a post, posted a video or asked a question. And if you’re an observer of this, you will either watch in fascination, or you’ll be disgusted; or you’ll find yourself either agreeing with the Bullies or not wanting to be chastised by voicing your own opinion that differs from theirs. In the meantime, the slaughter goes on, until the person that is bullied stops commenting back or leaves the group all together.

This experience leaves a very sour taste in anyone’s mouth. And it’s not easy to shake off. It makes you wonder what we’re up against, because if this is a representation of the Light, we’re in deep trouble. So, it is very important to understand the need for discernment, and to learn how these dark forces work and how they weave their sinister threads into everything. Awareness of this is key because these Sinister Ones are so clever and so on top of their game that you will begin to start getting sick when you hear spiritual terms or listen to spiritual information. You will begin to associate the bad experience with spirituality in general – so anything spiritually-empowering becomes a turn-off.


Spiritual Bullies are strategically here to keep The Light Emissaries off task; to create doubt; to cause separation and to have you withdraw from “spirituality” . They truly think they are “in the know“, and they haven’t realized that their behavior is not one that is indicative of someone representing The Light.

The overall experience with one of these Bullies creates disempowerment for many. The fact that there are so many Spiritual Bullies – who deem themselves to be representatives of the Light – engaging in this type of behavior is alarming; and it is one of the reasons that The Light Forces are not advancing as quickly as we would like or making dramatic progress in correcting the conditions afflicting this world. The reason is that many of the disempowering concepts that are being disseminated by these Bullies are being embraced by many, and it keeps the Light representatives docile, complacent, apathetic, and indifferent. Also, the sole purpose for being in embodiment becomes the pursuit of your own spiritual edification and nothing more. In the meantime the planet that you were made a custodian of, and humanity which you are here to help, continues down the path of negative experience.

The Bullying-technique is one of the many ways that the dark forces get you to stand down and not become empowered. So, being totally aware of these Spiritual Bullies is part of your Spiritual Arsenal and will help you avoid the pitfalls of when you encounter them. Nobody said this job would be easy, but now that you know what to look for, there’s no reason to experience these Sinister Traps anymore. Stay strong, stay true, stay empowered and know what is animating these Bullies. Once you recognize it for what it is, shine your Light as bright as you can. You come from the Divine Realms and represent The Office of The Christ; and you have Absolute Divine Power and Authority over all forces that demean others and that spread disinformation. These are not the qualities of The Light . Do not be deceived, as you shall know them by their fruit.

– Ari Kopel

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My Strange Experience and Epiphany at Denver Airport

In Uncategorized on August 3, 2014 at 9:28 pm

I was apprehensive about going to Denver Airport because of all the talk and speculation with respect to it being built by the NWO clan. Believe me when I tell you that I was praying and saying my Kodoish Mantra every minute on that plane, upon touchdown and upon walking the massive airport. I had mixed feelings about whether I wanted to run into that crazy, in-your-face, NWO propaganda mural. But, when the plane landed, I was more concerned about getting my shuttle to the hotel and making it on time to the conference that I was attending.

       The shuttle didn’t arrive on time. I was there waiting and waiting with heavy carry-ons by the baggage claim, pickup area. And I had plenty of time  plenty of time  to observe and feel that airport out. Actually, I had a whole hour to get a “sense” for the airport. And it wasn’t good. It wasn’t pleasant. There is definitely something there. Even if you don’t see it with your physical eyes because it’s covert, or underground, there is something that is of a very sinister and evil quality that lurks there.

       So, I began calling in the Host of Light. Yes, indeed they came immediately, as they always do, by the droves. Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth, I said, under my breath – over and over and over – unceasingly. I watched as the Host of Light inundated the entire airport – and all the surrounding areas with Light. I could now not only sense it, as I had sensed the thick blanket of evil before, I could actually see it with my eyes. It was a huge influx and outpouring of Light from the Illumined Realms. It was smoking out that which had anchored itself there and had claimed its territory. I sensed a huge shift. I didn’t stop the calling or the Mantra. I continued this “pounding” of Light Forces and Light Infusion for a whole hour, until I was finally picked up by the mysteriously late shuttle.

       When the shuttle came and I boarded, I was upset because I was an hour late to my conference. I kept bringing it up to the driver, how I had called to be picked up right when the plane had landed and how terribly late I was because of the delay. And as I was complaining, I passed the famous Blue Mustang statue which sits right at the airport entrance. This thing has red glowing, evil eyes… Yes, it could be crystal or some red glass or other material that makes it glow like this. But, when you connect all the things that are placed on that airport as symbols, as anchors of negative, sinister energy and intent, this Red-eyed horse was more icing on the cake…

       Then I realized that the whole hour that I was delayed was to my advantage in intending the Light to be poured – flooded – into the airport and all the underground caves, bunkers and hiding places meant for the use of these nefarious ones. And although I didn’t see the famous mural, I felt its presence. There is definitely something in that airport – at least I experienced it first hand, and it was no longer a conspiracy theory for me… I can sniff out evil, like a dog can sniff out rot. I was there, and it wasn’t going to go unaddressed!

       To make a long story short, I spent a wonderful two days at my conference. I was very productive and engaged in what I was doing. And the day arrived when I had to return to that eerie airport. On the way back to the airport, I asked the shuttle driver what the story was with the Blue Mustang… He tells me that when the sculptor, Luis Jimenez was putting the final touches on the statue, the massive head of the horse fell off – yes, fell off – and killed him. So, the sculptor’s father finished the project. But, after that the horse’s eyes glowed red and people thought it was due to the killing. Huh???? Did I just hear that? I said, to the guy “There’s something evil here, isn’t there?” He goes, “Yep”…

       I was dropped off at the terminal and I began my Mantra all over again – a second doze of the Light-Infusion. I got into the gate and waited my turn to go in the plane. I flew Southwest Airlines, which means there are no assigned seats – it’s first come, first serve. I was number 31. I felt I had a good chance of getting the seat position I wanted – towards the front of the plane and on the aisle. But, as I board the plane, I notice that the entire front area is taken. I’m disappointed. By being towards the front, I could exit the plane sooner, once it lands.

       So, I keep walking past people that are already seated, and finally find a row of three empty chairs where I decide to call home for the next two hours. I notice that there is a rolled-up poster in the middle seat. I find that odd and figure that someone must be sitting there and reserved that spot. I think about moving to a row further back because I prefer not to have to sit with someone next to me. Plane seats are not comfortable and they’re so narrow. I was hoping to get more elbow room, so that I could do some writing; but moving would mean I would leave the plane later than sooner…

       I decide on the row with the three empty seats and the poster,  and I sit. After a while and after a lot of people boarded, a woman approaches from the back of the plane and stands next to me. She says that she needs to get in. So, I get up and let her in. She removes the poster from the seat, puts it in the overhead compartment and plops herself next to me – not by the empty window seat. So, I’m thinking “what the heck…?” I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t scoot down to the window seat, which was more comfortable for her and for me. I’m also thinking that maybe she’s waiting for someone. I’m guessing that it’s going to be a long, boring ride. I wasn’t inspired to get any work done, especially when feeling a bit crowded; so there would be nothing left for me to do but go to sleep.

       We wait another fifteen minutes for last minute boarding. In the meantime, I’m trying to get some work done and the lady next to me is reading over some paperwork. She still doesn’t move over; and none of the people that are coming in late – and there are a whole bunch – pick the empty seat!

       When the last person boards, the plane pushes back and heads towards the runway. When it reaches the runway, it starts to speed up. In the meantime, the lady next to me is looking out the window closest to her and then towards the other window that is in the opposite row. I have no idea what she is looking at. I begin to look at the window next to her and only see runway and of course the airport.  There is a few minutes of this and then she turns to me and says, “What do you think about this airport?”  I almost fall out of my chair and would have if I didn’t have my seat-belt on!

       I think for one moment – analyzing the question, the questioner and my potential answer. I say “Interesting question – what makes you ask this and why are you asking me?”

       “I was wondering if you’ve heard anything…”

       I let out a soft laugh, realizing it’s going to be an interesting conversation and ride. “It’s funny you ask this,” I say. “I happen to host a radio show exposing all of these things.”

       She opens up and starts telling me about the fact that she knows that they had built another airport, the same size and she doesn’t understand why. She mentions that the fences with the barbed wires are facing in, as opposed to out. So, I say “Yes, this is to keep the people in – like a prison.”

“Yes,” she says.

       So, this opens up the floodgates for an amazing two hour conversation on the New World Order, Denver, FEMA, Chemtrails, GMOs, disempowerment, The Matrix, Ascended Masters, The Keys of Enoch and the Timeline we’re in. The lovely woman is writing a book to help Christians understand these things…. And she feels disempowered and not able to connect to the Higher Realms, because she feels her pineal gland has been calcified by too much Fluoride. She says to me that when she was younger, she was able connect to Source and have amazing and profound spiritual experiences and now she can’t. She hits a ceiling and can’t get any further.

       I listened to her story and I thanked the Host of Light, for they had their signature all over this “coincidental” encounter… I knew that we were placed together for a very important reason, and my job was to provide her with very specific information that would help her understand why she wasn’t connecting to Source and to provide her with the tools she would need to be able to do so – information that is contained in the book I’m releasing in the winter. This is timely, empowering information for people just like her who are in embodiment now, in order to be of service, and are not able to because they can’t even help themselves! How can anyone help raise the consciousness of humanity or be the change – à la “We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for” – when we can’t even cure our own colds or stop the interference and drama in our lives? So, my current mission is to address that, and I do so in the book. My first “client” or captive audience was this woman. What were the chances of that? None – no chance – all preplanned, pre-ordained, pre-orchestrated.

       As, I walk down the corridor, carrying my two heavy carry-ons, and I say goodbye to Donna, I have a big smile on my face. Yes, there is evil out there, really bad, ugly stuff that seems really ominous. And we can’t even begin to tackle it because we’re so overwhelmed with our own “hell” which is really gigantic to us at times. How the heck are we going to be the “Change we’ve been waiting for…” when we can’t change our own circumstances? I am smiling because I see how the Host of Light works every day and in every way how beautifully elegant they work. 

      It is so evident to me how they arranged this encounter and the why – I needed to know that the information I was bringing forth was necessary and useful to many. There are many of us who are in Service to the Light that need to have these Tools of Empowerment, but more than that, we need to know why we are not effective, even though we’re on the Spiritual Path and have been for many years. I had been feeling very discouraged after writing the book because I felt that no one would want this information or they would feel that they were superior to it. I felt that many would take offense to the candor in it and to the straight- to-the-point and no-nonsense nature of the information. I was wrong, so wrong! There was at least one person that could use this information  and she had been sitting right next to me, touching my elbow.

       Donna, the woman next to me on the plane, had been speaking to me about the very issues that I address on the site and on the Shattering The Matrix radio show. And I realized that there are so many like her out there… She needed to get the scoop as to why she couldn’t tap to the Higher Realms, to Source; and she needed to get the tools to become Empowered and to be in the Flow of Divine Protection and Divine Inspiration  under the wing of The Divine Forces. She was missing that piece, big time!

       The Host of Light arranged that both of us meet in a very strange place – on a Southwest Airlines plane, in a runway in Denver Airport. She healed me from doubting myself, from my uncertainty and lack of confidence; and I helped her get back on track. How great is that? How great is The Light and those Beings in service to The Light? They are so tuned into what we need, making us more Effective and of Greater Service to humanity. By helping us step into our Power again, we can begin functioning from Strength and Efficiency, working towards restoring the Original Blueprint of Prime Creator on this planet.

     There are many of you who are ready to step up your game as well, who are truly here to help in the transformation of this world and who feel you are being “royally messed with” by the Dark Forces because your life is just not working. The  information I provide in my book will give you not only the Clear Understanding of what is transpiring, but also the road map and the tools to allow you to finally step into your Divine Power and Authority.

       I know that Donna has a very specific mission, a big and important mission; and it was being prevented from manifesting. Not anymore! Now she knows what was messing with her and what she needs to do to get the message out so that she can empower others as well. This concept is like putting on your oxygen mask first, so that you can then place the mask on others. We first have to come from strength, in order to be effective in being of service. If we can’t breathe or are struggling with our own mask, we can’t be much use to anyone else…

       If you resonate with this and you would like to know when the book is released, you can email me at: and I’ll put you on the mailing list. You can also join my new Blog site at:, where specific blogs on this topic will be posted and where you can subscribe to receive updates on the book’s launch date.

       The Light will “Shatter” all the negative and nefarious forces on this plane of existence – but it’s a group effort. It takes all of us!  The more of us that are on board and willing to become empowered to help, the quicker this process will be.

       How badly do you want Transformation? I am in all the way and have made myself available to be of service! If you are not in Ego and willing to become totally aware of the tactics used by the Dark Forces against you, to hold you back from reclaiming your Mastery, I encourage you to read the information in the book. Awareness is Power!

       Most of us who serve the Light have been provided with a lot of disinformation on purpose. The agenda is to keep us scattered, in discord, separated and to keep us from stepping into our Power and reclaiming our Mastery. I wonder why? Is it time to know? Is it time to do something about it? 

The time is now to Shatter the Matrix!

       You can write to me and let me know that you want to be on the mailing list or go on my Word Press page and sign up by going to the About Tab. I’ll let you know when the book becomes available. And then, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work… because nothing will happen unless we’re involved!

Ari Kopel