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One Vote Shy From Communism!

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We arrived at Miami Airport broke, with $15 for a family of four. With those $15, we would have to start from scratch and reinvent ourselves… My dad didn’t have a job and my mom was too busy taking care of a six-month-old and a two-year-old. We lived in people’s homes, people who took pity on us, until my dad with his broken English, had received some money to fly to NYC to apply for a job, while my mom took care of us and waited for him to tell her when she should go meet him in NYC.

My father in 1957

I cried every night, thinking I’d never see my dad again; and I would rock myself to sleep, sitting on top of a rocking horse that a kind neighbor donated…

My Dad knew Fidel Castro from law school. They were school buddies. When the Cubans were sick of Batista, they fell for the socialist rhetoric of a “handsome” progressive thinker known as Fidel Castro. He spoke well. His words were like candy for the Cuban people who felt bitterness in their hearts for Batista. My dad played politics and stayed friends with Fidel, even though he knew that something was off, that something smelled rotten.

Fidel Castro during the time he and my dad were University buddies

My dad felt that Fidel had Communist ideologies. Why did my dad see this, why didn’t anyone else? Why were so many people falling for the lies that Fidel was spewing, the false promises, the brainwashing? My dad knew because my grandfather, his dad, had fought in WWI, fighting for the Russian-Marxists. My grandfather was forced to join their army. The Russians came to his house and forced his entire family out on the street, and he was forced to watch as his mother, father and sisters were executed in front of him. After fighting for the Russians for many years and experiencing hunger and cold, my grandfather found a ship that was heading to Cuba, boarded it, and escaped.

My dad knew because my mom’s father, my other grandfather, was Chinese, and his family also fled Communism and landed in Cuba.

When Fidel took power, he began to form his “cabinet”, if you will. He chose those closest to him to be his right hand. He approached my dad. He asked my dad to be his Secretary of Labor — the exact title is not clear. He needed his answer in three days.

Rolando, a mutual friend of Fidel’s and my dad’s had also been selected to join the newly formed regime and was sent by Fidel to reach out to my dad to get his answer. Rolando came to visit our house and pressed my dad for an answer. My dad answered yes, that he was leaning on accepting and would give his formal answer in a few days. Rolando left that evening not totally buying what my dad had told him, because he kept telling my dad not to make a stupid decision.
What was a stupid decision? It was a decision that didn’t support the new regime, and one that would 1) lead you into a prison to rot for 20 years, or 2) make you face the firing squad, or El Paredón (The Wall).

The next day, and without a word to anyone, not family or friends, my dad took all of us to the airport. Fidel’s “Milicianos”, or militia, were at the airport and took my dad’s travel money. They gave him $5 per person and my six-month-old brother didn’t count. So, we boarded a plane out of Cuba with the clothes on our backs and my dad with $15 in his pocket to start over again, in a land where neither of my parents spoke the language, but a land that opened it’s arms to us and gave us refuge! Yes, I’m a Cuban refugee!

My dad didn’t accept Fidel’s offer. He didn’t because he refused to participate in oppressing others. He didn’t want to live well, while others suffered. He didn’t want his children to be taken away from them and taken to camps to be indoctrinated. He didn’t want to have blood on his hands.

So, he left a beautiful two-story house on the beach, with brand new furniture and a thriving business, got us on a plane to be flown away from a life under Tyranny and towards the “Land of the Free”.

So, what started out as a friendship with Fidel, ended up in a hatred for a murderous dictator who killed many of my Dad’s friends, and who incarcerated many of our family members. What started out as a progressive, socialist movement ended up as a full-fledge, Soviet Union-endorsed, Communist take-over, that is still in existence!

What started out as a revolution for the people, where everyone cheered Fidel coming down from the mountain like a “messiah”, thinking he was the one who had the answers to all their problems, the one who was going to change things for the better, ended up with these same people and their families fleeing on boats and life-rafts and dying by the droves at sea!

Now, Cuba is stuck in time. It’s a place where people recycle 1950-cars, a place where they stand in line to go to a grocery store to buy a couple of canned-goods with the few coins they scrounge up doing odd jobs. It’s a place where they boil the cloth used to clean floors and add condiments to pretend it’s meat — the boiling softens it up so they can chew it!

So, why am I troubling myself in writing all of this?
Because we’re one vote away from Communism!

I’m telling you my story so that it doesn’t happen to the kind American People who gave my family a home and the ability to thrive, become an author and entrepreneur, and become a voice for freedom!

Here’s my warning to you, the American People:
The Democratic Party is not democratic! It is not even socialist. They use the same tactics that have been used in all countries that have been taken over by Communism. They do follow a Communist “play-book”. Believe me, I have oppression and tyranny in my cellular memory. First, my Jewish ancestors were oppressed and used as slaves and then exterminated by Hitler, and my other ancestors were oppressed and many were exterminated via Communism. So, I do have a very keen sense of smell for communist-tactics!

If you don’t vote for Trump, who is the only one protecting this country’s Constitution, you won’t have the luxury that I had to flee to another country! This country is like the first domino that will create the expeditious downfall of all the others!

You may not like Trump’s personality, or other tactics, and that’s OK. But, his resume speaks volumes about his accomplishments! He’s the only one representing your rights to live in freedom, so that you can have the first Amendment to agree or disagree with me or others, so you can have your 2nd Amendment to defend the right to speak your mind and worship as you please… The people in Cuba and other countries under Communism lost these freedoms through gullibility and stupidity — and weakness.

Don’t become victims of mass-media-lies and deception. Don’t fall for the Left’s rhetoric and narratives. Have the courage to Walk Away, if you have been voting for Democrats.

I’ll leave you all with this: I too was a Democrat, and voted for Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, and Obama. My brother grew up and ran political campaigns for many Democrats in Florida and was one of the ones responsible for Bill Clinton’s presidential win. He was invited to the White House, where he is photographed with Bill Clinton and Hillary, celebrating their victory in some kind of dinner or ball.

Yes, despite our experience fleeing Cuba, my brother and I became Democrats, thinking it was the party of the people… until we learned the Truth about what they stand for and what their true plan is…

So, in 2016, I became a Cyber-Warrior for Trump and helped in awakening people to what Trump represented for this country versus what Hillary represented, knowing first-hand who the Clintons really were from my brother’s knowledge of them. And now I am still a Cyber-Warrior, sounding the alarm for all those who have ears to hear and eyes to see the Truth about what will happen should the Democrats get a win!

Fidel Castro did alter the course of individual lives, families and of the Cuban Nation!

Let’s not let the country of hope and dreams be ruined or tainted or taken over by the evil that Communism brings!
We must take a stand to defend her with every ounce of our being!
Evil must NOT prevail!
Please vote Trump as if our lives depended on it — because it does!

I implore you to not make the same mistakes others have made. You only vote for Socialism/Communism once!

Go out and vote for the party that represents the America we love, the America whose flag we stand up for, and the America that so many died for!

And please vote in person, as evil knows no boundaries, is sly and full of tricks!

When Trump wins, we all win and we get to live another day in the land of the free and the brave.
And maybe, just maybe, God will bless us again and pour down His Love and Grace upon us and heal this land for all our children and our children’s children…

God Bless America and God Bless President Trump!

– Ari Kopel

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