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Gil Broussard’s Compelling Presentation on Planet 7X

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Of all the Gil Broussard interviews, in my humble opinion, this one was the most fascinating, as he connected the dots so elegantly for me. At the same time it finally dawned on me that this “thing” out there – that I sense and feel in my gut – could be a reality and one that we could experience soon. 

Also I’ve included how the mass media is now speaking about a planet 9 and another solar system that is associated with it. It’s interesting that they’re introducing this information now, whereas before they were in total denial. They’re clever not to call it a Planet X or Nibiru, but they’re pointing to another cosmic body and making sure we all know about it.

 So, what’s changed? Why now? These are questions we should ask ourselves.

Notice how they don’t give you the correct information on it, but it’s very general and loose. The idea is that they get to mention it, a huge planet, as this is part of “their” protocol – to announce their doings and intentions.

Planet X and Nibiru may not be their doing, but hiding it from us, especially via chemtrails and not disclosing what is to come and the chaos that will ensue, is their doing. And if we’ve learned anything yet by observing how they operate, we should be able to deduce that their mentioning something “similar” to a planet X and a solar system associated with it is not a coincidence. Their timing is also foretelling. 

What we should be paying attention to is the information they’re leaving out and that which is distorted… They tell us about it to prevent karmic repercussion, perhaps, but they don’t give us the entire truth so that we’re kept in the “pasture”, grazing.

Click on the titles and links below for information on that new solar system they’ve discovered that their new Planet 9 is associated with:

This Weird Solar System is the Widest Ever Discovered

Lonely Planet: Astronomers Find Galaxy’s Largest Solar System


And again, an article on the supposed discovery of Planet 9:

Ninth Planet May Have Been Discovered, Researchers Say




Please pay close attention to the details in the YouTube presentation. And, if you feel so inclined, download Gil Broussard’s book. It’s free on pdf.

Here’s Gil’s Website:

Please share, and based on this information, let others make up their own minds. They’ll either see it, or they won’t. You’ll either see it, or you won’t! And if you don’t, that’s fine. We’ll all know soon enough – one way or another.

If it ends up being true, I hope you’re in a good place in your heart; that you’ve forgiven, that you’ve let go, that you are in a place of peace and joy.


Ari Kopel

Ancient Builders Created Monumental Structures That Altered Sound And Mind – Say Researchers

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The results of recent research suggests that ancient, or pre-historic, builders of the monumental structures found in such diverse places as Ireland, Malta, southern Turkey and Peru all have a peculiarly common characteristic – they may have been specially designed to conduct and manipulate sound to produce certain sensory effects.

Hypogeum_HalSafieni_maltaSome ancient monumental structures were built to manipulate sound for sensory and mind effects – suggests recent research.

Beginning in 2008, a recent and on-going study of the massive 6,000 year-old stone structure complex known as the “Hal Saflieni Hypogeum on the island of Malta, for example, is producing some revelatory results.

The Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni is an underground cave system covering around 500m² on 3 levels, with various inter-connecting corridors and passage ways that lead to a number of small chambers, built between 3000-2500 B.C. The cave system was re-discovered in 1902 and since then there has been particular interest in one of the rooms, named the “Oracle Chamber”. The space is said to amplify voices dramatically, with certain frequencies resonating enough to be felt through the body. But this structure is unique in that it is subterranean.


As knowledge of this phenomenon has spread, many investigations have been carried out into its acoustic properties as well as other similarly designed spaces across the world.

Low voices within its walls create eerie, reverberating echoes, and a sound made or words spoken in certain places can be clearly heard throughout all of its three levels. Now, scientists are suggesting that certain sound vibration frequencies created when sound is emitted within its walls are actually altering human brain functions of those within earshot.

Research has shown that a number of these locations (such as that atNewgrange, Ireland) have very similar acoustic features, specifically resonating at 110Hz.

It is still not known whether the space was specifically designed to produce these resonances (which would indicate a very early understanding of acoustics and sound) or if it was simply a lucky coincidence with those particular room dimensions and rock type. The use of the space is also unknown, was it a ritual site where chanting and singing were common, or maybe a temple for prayer?

Research carried out in February 2014 by Dr. Paolo Debertolis, Department of Medical Sciences, University of Trieste, Italy and Linda C. Eneix, Mediterranean Institute of Ancient Civilizations, may shed some light on the use of the space by investigating the type of noise sources that are capable of exciting the resonances of the space.

Regional brain activity in a number of healthy volunteers was monitored by EEG through exposure to different sound vibration frequencies. The findings indicated that at 110Hz the patterns of activity over the pre-frontal cortex abruptly shifted, resulting in a relative de-activation of the language center and a temporary shifting from left to right-sided dominance related to emotional processing and creativity. This shifting did not occur at 90Hz or 130Hz. In addition to stimulating their more creative sides, it appears that an atmosphere of resonant sound in the frequency of 110Hz or 111Hz would have been “switching on” an area of the brain that bio-behavioral scientists believe relates to mood, empathy and social behavior. Deliberately or not, the people who spent time in such an environment under conditions that may have included a low male voice – in ritual chanting or even simple communication – were exposing themselves to vibrations that may have actually impacted their thinking.

Researchers at the University of Malta are confirming the findings in an on-going study.

But the Hypogeum is not alone in its peculiar sound effects. A study conducted in 1994 by a consortium from Princeton University found that acoustic behavior in ancient chambers at megalithic sites such as Newgrange in Ireland and Wayland’s Smithy in England was characterized by a strong sustained resonance, or “standing wave” in a frequency range between 90Hz and 120Hz. “When this happens”, says Eneix, “what we hear becomes distorted, eerie. The exact pitch for this behavior varies with the dimensions of the room and the quality of the stone.” Going further back in time, she points to the ancient 10,000 B.C. site of “Göbekli Tepe” in southern Turkey. Located on a hilltop, it consists of 20 round stone-built structures which had been buried. Those structures that have been excavated feature massive, T-shaped, standing limestone pillars. “In the center of a circular shrine,” she says, “a limestone pillar “sings” when smacked with the flat of the hand.”

GöbeklitepeGöbekli Tepe.

And now, new findings of a recent archaeo-acoustic study suggests that the ancients of the 3,000-year-old Andean ceremonial center at Chavín de Huántar, in the central highlands of Peru, practiced a fine art and science of manipulating sound with architecture to produce desired sensory effects. With the assistance of architectural form and placement, and sounds emitted from conch-shell trumpets, the “oracle” of Chavín de Huántar “spoke” to the ancient center’s listeners.

The buildings were constructed using a highly specialized combination of shafts, corridors and surfaces, all designed to make a series of echo chambers, in which sounds – often conch shell trumpets, calledpututus, being blown by priests outside of the structure and chanting, as well as water running in streams under and around the buildings – would seem other-worldly. Add in the psychotropic effect of ritual consumption of San Pedro cactus juice (and possibly other substances, like ayahuasca), and one can easily see how a pilgrimage to such a temple would have been a profound spiritual experience.

Chavín_de_Huantar_CorridorAn intact corridor at Chavín de Huántar.

Miriam Kolar, Stanford Inter-disciplinary Graduate Fellow, PhD Candidate
 at Stanford University and leader of the study says: 

”At Chavín, we have discovered acoustic evidence for selective sound transmission between the site’s “Lanzon” monolith and the Circular Plaza: an architectural acoustic filter system that favors sound frequencies of the Chavín pututus (conch-shell trumpets) and human voice.

“The Lanzon is a sacred statue or stela depicting the central deity of the ancient Chavín culture. Thought to be Chavín’s central “oracle” for its inhabitants, it is housed in a chamber, part of a series of underground passages within the Old Temple of the ceremonial and religious center of Chavín de Huántar. A central duct was built to connect the area of the Lanzon monolith with that of the Circular Plaza, an open-air place of ceremonial activity and significance. The duct was specifically designed to filter and magnify or conduct to a certain sound range – namely, the special range emitted by the Chavín pututu instrument. The specific reasons for this acoustical configuration are not entirely understood, but studies involving human participants within the ancient architectural and artifact context of the site are indicating that the resultant sound effects may have been related to intentional auditory perceptual effects of sound and space on humans.

lanzonThe Lanzon within its chamber.

plazaThe circular Plaza at Chavín de Huántar (Outside View).

Acoustic resonance is a feature of many natural caves, and it’s likely that this natural feature was the primary motivator in the development of acoustics in ritual sites and practices. Modern technology allows archaeologists to identify and study such features of ancient sites, and in most cases the research is inaccessible to the amateur.  However, there are branches of this endeavour that are within reach of anyone who can get themselves to the locations in question.

Recently, a team of researchers have been using sound to study the world famous Stonehenge megalithic site in Wiltshire, England.

stonehenge1Aerial view of Stonehenge.

According to experts from London’s Royal College of Art, Stonehenge holds more mystery than meets the eye. For many years, enthusiasts and researchers have held that Stonehenge had an audio component, either in its use or construction. Many visitors report that chants and music seem to resonate in a strange way at various points within and around the structure, but new insights seem to suggest that the stones themselves were musical instruments.

Research recently published in the Journal of Time & Mind, suggests that the bluestones – the smaller stones that make up the interior of the monument – actually have acoustical properties and may have been selected for that reason. It turns out that the stones resonate in a peculiar way when struck with a hammer or other instrument, and generate a wide range of sounds. Researchers even found what may be evidence of hammer or stone strikes on several of the stones, indicating that they’re on the right track.

stonehenge-acoustic4English Heritage allowed archaeologists from Bournemouth and Bristol Universities to acoustically test the bluestones at Stonehenge, effectively playing them like a huge xylophone.

This research, with the input of other experts, suggests that many of the standing stone sites throughout the UK may have had, as a central feature, an acoustic nature. It may be that Stonehenge and other standing stone circles and like monuments were built as musical instruments, to be used in conjunction with or as a part of ritualistic gatherings and celebrations.

The same may be true for monuments all over the world, as is highlighted by researchers such as Michael Tellinger, who demonstrates in a video on his YouTube channel the acoustic properties of artifacts found at Waterval Boven, South Africa.

The “sonic rocks” could have been specifically picked because of their “acoustic energy” which means they can make a variety of noises ranging from metallic to wooden sounding, in a number of notes.

There is no denying it, sound has played a central role in the development of not only human spirituality and culture, but also in architecture. While most of our history can only be relayed in terms of visual artifacts and writing, the aural history of our ancestors just begs to be heard. And when you consider the fact that resonant sound has been a significant part of human life for upwards of 27,000 years (at least), it’s no wonder so many people feel so passionately about music and its makers.

So what does all of this mean? What explains these similar, yet geographically and culturally disparate finds?

“How curious that such varied ancient structures, separated by so much time and distance, should have common features which imply sophisticated knowledge”, observes Eneix. “Did the architects of the day each make and develop their own discoveries or did they inherit a concept from some older school of learning?

Scientists may never have the answer to that question, but the accumulating evidence suggests that there is a real story to tell about humans and their fascination with sound.

Additional Research:

As you may already know, Quartz, which consists of silicon dioxide, is the second most abundant mineral on earth. Quartz has amazing properties, some being these below:

  • Pyroelectric – generates heat.
  • Piezoelectric – generates electric charge when subjected to mechanical pressure.
  • Can store data and information and is easily programmable – as evidenced by its rampant use in electronics and computers.
  • Amplifies energy and has consistent energy output – has been used in “watches” for example.

Just like how we are using crystals today in natural formation and via manufactured variation, ancient civilizations have understood the value of crystal energy and have harnessed this energy for their advantage.

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Ancient Knowledge

The results of recent research suggests that ancient, or pre-historic, builders of the monumental structures found in such diverse places as Ireland, Malta, southern Turkey and Peru all have a peculiarly common characteristic – they may have been specially designed to conduct and manipulate sound to produce certain sensory effects.

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Compassion Begins with Self

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I would like to share a story that I just came across. It may be true or fictitious. I have no way of verifying it. But the message is real, and hit me hard. I recognize that the concept behind the story below is real and true, as many of our elderly become a burden to their children and family and end up in nursing homes. They are sometimes mistreated and abandoned – and judged.


And sometimes their caretakers don’t realize that they too had a life, one that was probably rich with 1920s_Cycle_Race_UK_251experiences and successes, downfalls and wonderful lessons learned. The caregiver sometimes only sees a deteriorating person, when in truth that elderly person was the vessel for Creator to experience Itself through, during the entirety of that life.

The mistreatment of the elderly – or anyone – breaks my heart. And I recognize that we can easily be the recipient of this in the future. It is disheartening when others don’t take into account who we are as souls, taking into consideration all we’ve suffered in our own skin while trying to survive in a world that may be alien to us.

walk-a-mile-in-my-shoes (1)

This is how I feel when others are judgmental. No one really KNOWS you until they’ve walked in your shoes… Let us always practice empathy, kindness and compassion for others, as we never know what they’re journey has been like.

I hope the story below makes us rethink how we view others, especially the elderly, because we’ve all had our share of bitterness, regrets and disappointments in life that make us look “ugly” and not likable at times.


We have encountered grumpy people before – angry people that we want nothing to do with afterwards. If we conclude that this is who this person is – and has always been – we become participants in condemning a person to a “life sentence” for what could be considered circumstantial evidence based on our perceptions or interpretation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


In this case, we judge a person based on their expression of  anger, lament and bitterness. We may not yet understand that this is a symptom of painful memories and disappointments that have left scars and probably a big void in their heart.  

We need to see beyond that and intuitively connect with that person’s heart so that we can then understand their life, their pain, and their challenges. How else can we empathize and see the world through their eyes? 

When we truly “see” a person via this heart connection, we can then be in true compassion, honoring of them, and appreciate all they’ve had to endure, while “in their travels” through this world.

From now on, let us be gentler with ourselves and not judge ourselves too harshly for our own life experiences. Let us learn to love ourselves by  first being honest about our own challenges. By doing so, we can then recognize these challenges in others. Then, we can be kinder and more understanding when another person rubs us the wrong way or comes across in a manner that is not to our liking.


When we can do this continuously, without being reminded, we would have reached another level of consciousness – perhaps a Christed-Consciousness. And, I think some of us can agree that this would also be considered Ascension.


After this man died in a nursing home, the nurses find something that changed their lives…


Every day thousands of elderly people in nursing homes eagerly await visitors or at least a phone call from their family. But in the end stages of their lives, their old hearts that won’t beat much longer, are often bitterly disappointed. When an old man, whom the nurses only know as a grouch, dies however and his room gets tidied up, they find something that touches their hearts so deeply that it brings them to tears.


Amongst the patients belongings, the memories of an entire life, they found this poem:  

What do you see nurses? What do you see?

What are you thinking, when you look at me?

A cranky old man, not very wise,

Uncertain of habit, with faraway eyes?

Who dribbles his food and makes no reply.

When you say in a loud voice, “I do wish you’d try!”

Who seems not to notice, the things that you do.

And forever is losing… a sock or a shoe?

Who, resisting or not lets you do as you will,

With bathing and feeding, the long day to fill?

Is that what you’re thinking? Is that what you see?

Then open you eyes, nurse. You’re not looking at me.

I’ll tell you who I am, as I sit here so still, 

As I do at your bidding, as I eat at your will. 

I’m a small child of 10, with a father and mother, 

Brothers and sisters, who love one another.

A young boy of sixteen, with wings on his feet

Dreaming that soon now, a lover he’ll meet.

A groom soon at twenty, my heart gives a leap,

Remembering the vows, that I promised to keep.

At 25, now I have young of my own, 

Who need me to guide, and a secure happy home.

A man of thirty, my young now grown fast,

Bound to each other, with ties that should last. 

At forty, my young sons have grown and are gone,

But my woman is beside me, to see that I don’t mourn.

At fifty once more, babies play ’round my knee,

Again we know children, my loved one and me.

Dark days are upon me, my wife is now dead.

I look at the future, I shudder with dread. 

For my young are all rearing young of their own,

And I think of the years, and the love that I’ve known.

I’m now an old man, and nature is cruel,

It’s jest to make old age look like a fool.

The body, it crumbles, grace and vigor depart,

There is now a stone, where once I had a heart.

But inside this old carcass a young man still dwells, 

And now and again, my battered heart swells.

I remember the joys, I remember the pain,

And I’m loving and living, life over again.

I think of the years, all too few, gone too fast,

And accept the stark fact that nothing can last.

So open your eyes, people, open and see:

Not a cranky old man,

Look closer, see ME!tumblr_m4y0ixudpG1qh2dcjo1_500

May the meaning behind this story keep us in that heart space, so that we can see the world through everyone’s eyes. With this new level of being, let’s try to become more compassionate with ourselves so that we come to understand that all of us have a story to tell and something to teach and something of value to give.

Lets lead our lives with dignity, knowing that we matter!

Someday, we too could begin the process of our exit out of this experience; and if we find ourselves at a facility, at the mercy of others, let us hope that the person who will be the recipient of our grumpy demeanor be someone who understands and practices kindness, empathy and compassion.

And maybe they would want to hear all about our “journey” – whom we loved, our disappointments, our adventures, and our downfalls… And maybe they will give us the opportunity to relive our lives all over again, even if it’s just for a fleeting moment, and allow us to reevaluate our experiences with a newly found appreciation for the life we lived, and a rekindled love of self.

– Ari Kopel

About the Author:

270e84_7ffbdca8fc4e4f5d9f41430393525662Ari Kopel is the Bestselling Author of “Spiritual Warfare & The Art of Deception: The Hijacking of Spirituality” and “Getting Back to Source: Tools for Connection, Protection and Empowerment”. Both became #1 Bestsellers and #1 New Releases in Amazon.

She specializes in Spiritual Psychology and is a counselor for those who are seeking to have a more profound experience with the God of their understanding and become fully empowered to help themselves, their loved ones and humanity.

Ari is also the founder of and the radio show host and creator of“Shattering the Matrix” on BlogTalkRadio.

You can get in touch with Ari by going to her website:

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Something’s in Our Neck of the Woods

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Just like most of us are now witnessing events unfold in the world, events that were once deemed conspiracy theory, we may soon be witnessing another sort of danger. Many have spoken of a cosmic body by the name of Nibiru, made popular by the late Zecharia Sitchin in his many books. He discussed how this “planet” was inhabited by extraterrestrials called Anunnaki and how these ETs were the Gods of lore. They were the ones the supposedly made us in their image. Many scholars speak how these extraterrestrials were responsible for manipulating our DNA and making us subservient to them. b5de3e9382826c74995b928ce44faf76

Please check out what has transpired within the past four weeks. There is more than meets the eye here. Our governments are not going to divulge any information with respect to this because the panic will implode the economies of the world. They keep it hidden so that they can keep milking us for every hard-earned cent we produce while in this matrix. So, they will not divulge any information that will have you do a run to the stores, or move away from the coastlines, or get to higher ground – or deeper ground as the case may be. They are not out to help keep you safe, but to ensure that most of us are part of the statistics which meet their agenda-goal of 500 million on the planet.

Please watch the videos objectively and then connect your own dots. If you find that the information strikes a chord or two, please share it with others, as we’re the only warning system we have. And then take right action for yourselves and your loved ones.

When you read the article that was published in the Huffington Post called “NASA’s Armageddon Office Aims to Protect Earth From Doomsday Asteroids: Space Agency Unveils New Planetary Defense Coordination Office“, please keep in mind the possibility that NASA is putting up this Armageddon Office to possibly give us false hope. So when they finally announce that this “Cosmic Body” coming close to Earth is imminent, we may think that there is a chance that NASA will do something about it. But, honestly, if this Planet X is the size of Jupiter or larger and comes with its own mini solar system, then it isn’t feasible that NASA can do anything about it and that this attempt at putting up this new office is just a front to keep us from seeking places of safety.


Then there are three autistic men who are in Jerusalem who have spoken through what is known as facilitated communication. They have shared information on Nibiru. It may be disinformation, or it could be that they’re communication is prophetic in nature. Either way, it is interesting and could shed some more light onto this subject matter.

The three men were recorded talking about Nibiru in three separate sessions. Menachem is the first one that was recorded on December 23, 2015. This is what he said:

“They’re following this thing, but not reporting on it. They went silent on the subject, they didn’t speak of it further, only preparing, they started digging, to make bunkers. It’s a fact. And now there are bunkers also in Israel, there’s one very large bunker for the ‘important people’ of the state, who will leave the rest of us outside – and they’ll be inside. I’ll tell you a secret: if it will be this way – then woe to those who are inside… and the people who are outside, those who have trust in Hashem (God) – they’ll be saved. And another interesting thing I’ll tell you, that they made calculations and measurements, and where is the most, most safe place in the world with regard to this whole event?… They reached the conclusion that it’s Jerusalem, ‘the safest place isEretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel) – and mainly Jerusalem.’”

Then, they recorded Daniel on December 27, 2015, also via a facilitated communication. Daniel also spoke about Nibiru:

“The effects of ‘Nibiru’ will be giant tsunamis with waves 100 meters high, earthquakes, tornadoes, erupting volcanoes, there will be a hit to nuclear reactors that will cause radioactive contamination like in Fukushima, Japan. And there won’t be electricity, and there won’t be clean water, and there won’t be food – it will be a very difficult situation. We in Eretz Yisrael will be like in Noah’s ark.”

Then Daniel addressed those who believe that Nibiru isn’t true:

“They’re trying to say that the issue with this star is all nonsense, but it’s not nonsense. There are those who are saying exactly when they think it will arrive, it’s also not for certain, but I’m certain that this matter itself is correct, because it’s written exactly in all kinds of our sources, and every Torah-scholar can show you…”

Then they recorded Binyamin in another facilitated communication in Jerusalem on December 30, 2015. And he speaks of impending disaster:

“And I say to you: there’s going to be a huge disaster. A huge disaster, really.Hashem (God) – He’s the only one Who can destroy the world that He Himself created. It will be a huge disaster, and this disaster will destroy two-thirds of the world. And it will leave Eretz-Yisrael (Land of Israel) complete… Now you want to know how it will happen… I don’t know exactly, but from all the possibilities I’ve heard, the matter of the star – it seems to me the most real.”


I will keep posting more information as it comes in. And for those of you who are still on the fence with this, remember that many of the conspiracy theories of old have actually proven to be true. Let’s keep an open mind to the possibility that historical artifacts and writings did record events that took place, which were cataclysmic in nature, and that seemed to recur every so often.

We are due for another pole shift and there’s a high probability that what brought this on in the past was the gravitational pull of some enormous body that approached us just a bit too close – food for thought.

Stay Safe!

– Ari Kopel


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This is such an important subject matter, one that people – Light Workers – shouldn’t take lightly…

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

I have spoken out against Channeled messages that are posted online since 2011.  I eventually stopped because I got tired of being harassed.  My first experience with being in a room and actually seeing someone channel a message was in 2008.  I had many experiences like this with different people.  Since I can see and feel energy streams, I can trace them right back to their source.  I was able to see a line of energy coming from a fake hologram object going into the person doing the channeling.  This energy stream that people think is organic is as fake as it comes.  Real energy that rides on the Aether is 100% different.  It looks different and feels different.  It is like comparing a plastic flower to a real one.  If you are someone who still follows these messages, then my article may not be to your liking.

Experience is the…

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I’ve experienced this first hand and have had others contact me telling me that an implant removal went terribly wrong. This is a great article that sheds light into this situation!

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

I didn’t think I would write another article about this subject until I continued to receive multiple messages from people that have had this procedure done.  They all say the same thing.  I received another message today from someone that asked excellent questions.  It makes me sad to see good people go through unnecessary issues due to a simple lack of information.  Please take the time to read this article in it’s entirety before making comments.


As, I stated in my previous article, artificial implantation of the etheric kind, can’t exist in the new energy we are in.  I have written many articles going into detail about this new energy, as well as about our new location in time and space.  There was a time, many years ago when implantation was an issue.  But that outside manipulation is ancient history.



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Turning People Into Trees…

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Have any of you been “judged” by other’s – people who have misperceptions of you and then make it a point to shun you? These folks think they have you figured out based on their life’s experiences or lack of experiences, their insecurities, their failures, their disappointments, their hang-ups and their learned-mistrust.



And then they justify their perception of you because all they can see is through their filtered lenses that only pick up aspects and traits of you that fit the characteristics of their experiences with others or characteristics that are within themselves that they don’t like.

And the opportunity to learn from the person being judged in this manner is lost, the climate for mutual growth is stunted, the potential for a heart-to-heart connection with another human being is severed.

And how many times have we done this with people or have had others do this to us? And how rigid have we become that we don’t allow for unconditional Love, or  an expansion of our heart to unfold because we have to be right in our misperception? Our need to be right and justified takes precedence over compassion. It hardens us and clouds our True Vision.

mona-lisaIs this a sickness in us? Is it a take-over by unfavorable forces and/or discarnates? Should we blame outside sources? Is it something brought about by our environment or our society? Is it part of the “fallen” construct we are experiencing in this realm? What causes us to become “spiritually deformed”? What causes us to separate ourselves from our fellow human beings, and what causes us to castigate others based on our insecurities or “learned disdains”?

Or is it laziness – a laziness that doesn’t want to overcome the Ego that tells us how others are out to get us; or have an “agenda” for us; or are trying to … whatever. Or maybe it’s a mental disorder that we haven’t admitted to yet and don’t want others to know about or have diagnosed.

Maybe what’s in us is too frightening, or new, and we don’t want it to download (1)surface. So we stay away from others that bring up those “frightening” thoughts, feelings and emotions out of fear that someone will see the true “us”, or worse – that we will become what we fear.

Maybe this way of looking at the world and others is due to our feeling threatened or feeling “less than”. Maybe we’re feeling we don’t deserve to be seen, or liked, or Loved, or appreciated. We feel guilty about something we’ve done or haven’t done. Then we project it on others as a way to cope with our flawed perceptions, our ineptitude, or the thoughts that we’ve embraced that are shameful to us.

Maybe we could start seeing others in another Light, once we decide to Love ourselves despite all our shortcomings, self-imposed guilt, bad decisions, hurts and traumas.

heartwallsguardedprotectedMaybe if we stop being so hard on ourselves, we would allow our heart to open and become expansive… And maybe if we give ourselves permission to Love others and be Loved – regardless of how it looks – it may just happen that we’re no longer lonely and no longer separated from that special human connection or from that individual who may bring the chisel to help free us from our prison.

And if we could be OK with the idea that our heart can be broken and yes, it can be mended, then we won’t be afraid of interacting with the human race in a much deeper, more loving and profound manner than ever before.  As a consequence, we won’t be in fear of getting hurt. We won’t be apprehensive of being judged by others because our experiences with others are no longer dependent on how “we” think others will judge us, but are based on a true desire for kinship and a soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart connection and a relationship that is birthed from genuine Love and Trust.

Then, we can be free to be who we are and allow for profound human interactions at a spiritual and physical level which are life-altering and can transcend all limitations.


“When you go out into the woods and you look at trees, you see all these different trees. And some of them are bent, and some of them are straight, and some of them are evergreens, and some of them are whatever. And you look at the tree and you allow it. You see why it is the way it is. You sort of understand that it didn’t get enough light, and so it turned that way. And you don’t get all emotional about it. You just allow it. You appreciate the tree. The minute you get near humans, you lose all that. And you are constantly saying “You’re too this, or I’m too this.” That judging mind comes in. And so I practice turning people into trees. Which means appreciating them just the way they are.”

-Ram Das

The above quote rings true. Many of us can relate to nature because nature is giving and doesn’t intrinsically judge us. When it comes to another human being, we’re cautious and guard our heart – and our space – for fear something will be taken from us. Maybe we feel that we’re hiding something that we don’t want others to know or we feel that someone will overstep their boundaries, or that someone will hurt us emotionally or worse.


So we build walls around ourselves and justify our being locked up in our fortress due to some trait or behavior that we perceive in others – a fear of that which is intrinsically in us, and one we don’t desire to surface because then we become vulnerable. We’re afraid of vulnerability and being genuine with our feelings and thoughts. And when we punish others for what we think their intentions are, we do so because its a way to punish ourselves indirectly.

When we give everyone the opportunity to be who they are,  without having the need to label or define them based on the definitions found in our experiential-dictionary, then our relationships with others become more expansive and meaningful. Then we can connect at the heart level and not allow our mind to project an outcome for that relationship that has been tainted by our prejudices or bad experiences in the past.

The key is to remove the bricks around our heart, come in with no expectations, but allow the human connection to unfold. How about we don’t go in with preconceived ideas or hangups about how this is supposed to look for us, as each moment is an experience with the potential of being magical and one that can heal us and liberate us?


So, if we can give others the benefit of the doubt, approaching  people – and possible relationships – as if they were trees, maybe we won’t approach them with fear. If we expect nothing but the goodness that everyone has intrinsically, maybe we can experience “goodness” in our lives. Maybe we won’t judge how love should be packaged. Maybe we can just bask in the Purest Love, regardless of how our “limited self” has redefined it from the Original definition of Our Creator. Maybe this new approach can change not only ourselves, but the other person. Maybe it can change a world that lacks this Love. And wouldn’t that be something else?

If we can be honest with ourselves, I think we can agree that it’s time to heal ourselves. We can start by forgiving ourselves, accepting ourselves, and loving ourselves  with all our faults, shortcomings and hang-ups, so that we can then accept others for whom they are. Encapsulating our heart, to protect us from feeling pain due to our own insecurities, robs us of the gifts and joy that others can bring that will fill our soul and re-ignite our spirit beyond anything we could possibly imagine. And then our life can “take off” and we can soar above those trees…


May the bricks around your heart crumble gently, allowing your spirit to be freed from its rigid confines. And may your heart grow wings, like an eagle, that lift you beyond the horizon, revealing all the possibilities that weren’t self-evident before.

-Ari Kopel


About the Author:

270e84_7ffbdca8fc4e4f5d9f41430393525662Ari Kopel is the Bestselling Author of “Spiritual Warfare & The Art of Deception: The Hijacking of Spirituality” and “Getting Back to Source: Tools for Connection, Protection and Empowerment”. Both became #1 Bestsellers and #1 New Releases in Amazon.

She specializes in Spiritual Psychology and is a counselor for those who are seeking to have a more profound experience with the God of their understanding and become fully empowered to help themselves, their loved ones and humanity.

Ari is also the founder of and the radio show host and creator of“Shattering the Matrix” on BlogTalkRadio.

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There are many who are in the belief that because they aren’t seeing Chemtrails in “their” skies that these have ceased or have been taken care of by ETs, or the culprits have been arrested or …. fill in the blank.

But, why would the Chemtrail project halt? It’s working to push an agenda that is really not quite defined for us “regular” folks – those who don’t have an “in” with the classified information that delineates the need for Chemtrails. We only speculate at best!

Those well-meaning folks that spread the disinformation that Chemtrails have ceased, and then those that go even further to say that there is no radiation from Fukushima or anywhere else, are more than likely propagating deceptive information to get us to doubt whether any of this is bad, or whether it happened, or whether its happening. Worse is the idea, that they’re implanting, that its all been taken care of and there is nothing for us to worry about. It’s business as usual, so keep consuming your burgers and fries and looking down at your text messages…

I ask all those that are “responsible” people, those that have a “pure” spiritual connection to please not spread dis-empowering information. I ask us to understand how the forces that are not in alignment with the Divine Realms operate so that you can then comprehend that these do not back down on their own; that their directives are clear; and that these directives will be accomplished unless they are met with resistance.

These forces haven’t really been met with resistance, a resistance that equates to our Will to prevent the further advancement of this malignancy, and our Actions to carry through with this resistance –  in whichever way this unfolds.

So, when some of us carelessly make a statement like “Chemtrails have stopped”, using this idea to mean that it’s stopped everywhere, or to mean that the “black hats” have grown a consciousness, or that “white hats” have stepped in and disempowered them, is a lie. If it’s found to be untrue somewhere, the statement doesn’t hold water.

Today is January 5th 2016. Here are streaks in the sky, streaks that don’t belong there, streaks that are not Contrails, streaks that are not dissipating and are spreading to cover the sky…

I think we’ve all called these Chemtrails.

These Chemtrails are over my house right now. Before I had decided to take pictures of this, two Chemtrails formed an X over my house.

Chemtrails have ceased? No! That’s a lie!



The top of the picture is the roof of my house and  the electric post by the street.


Check out how it morphs into this milky, faux cloud that then covers the sky like a blanket.


That main milky line that crosses the horizontal one was intact before my taking this picture. On the right side of the picture, with the siding, is my house.


Your desire to not be a “victim” of the disinformation campaign and deceit is crucial in fighting what these Forces and their minions are imposing on us.

Please learn how to detect the deceit.

Please don’t be one of their agents by caving into gullibility – because discerning takes work!

Chemtrails haven’t ceased. Radiation due to Fukushima and other sources is real.

The war on information is also real and what we read on “Alternative Media”, the internet and social media is not always true… Furthermore, many of those who we have deemed and embraced as “spiritual leaders” or those that use this type of information to give us the “Breaking News” on this are not always of integrity. They typically interview people that are deemed as “experts”, and they sensationalize the information with the motive to use this to improve their ratings or following. Unfortunately, they throw away Discernment for ratings, and they are part of the problem by helping in furthering the deception.

Learn to Discern and to go into the Stillness, the Silence, where you can obtain your TRUE information. Everything else outside of this WILL be manipulated to serve various agendas and WILL Deceive you.

– Ari Kopel

About the Author:

270e84_7ffbdca8fc4e4f5d9f41430393525662Ari Kopel is the Bestselling Author of “Spiritual Warfare & The Art of Deception: The Hijacking of Spirituality” and “Getting Back to Source: Tools for Connection, Protection and Empowerment”. Both became #1 Bestsellers and #1 New Releases in Amazon.

She specializes in Spiritual Psychology and is a counselor for those who are seeking to have a more profound experience with the God of their understanding and become fully empowered to help themselves, their loved ones and humanity.

Ari is also the founder of and the radio show host and creator of“Shattering the Matrix” on BlogTalkRadio.

You can get in touch with Ari by going to her website:

SW_Bestseller              9780986176913

Get Books at Amazon:  “Spiritual Warfare & The Art of Deception” and         “Getting Back to Source