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Does the Moon Keep the Matrix in Place?

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The Matrix – what keeps it in place? I am not asking if there a Matrix; I know there is! Some have ventured to say that the moon is responsible, like a Sentinel in our sky – a gatekeeper that is holding the proverbial electronic fence in place. It is the fence that keeps us imprisoned in a reality that is not in alignment with the Original Blueprint of Prime Creator.

Some have said that the moon isn’t really a moon or “satellite” of Earth, but a vessel or space vehicle that had been towed into place many eons ago. Others say that it is a hologram and also state that we have never been to the moon and that all those moon-landings were fake and staged.

TransmitterBelow is a real interesting You Tube video that shows an anomaly on the moon that could lead us to conclude that this “moon” is not real or it is real but it is acting like a radio station, giving off frequencies that keep the Matrix-Cage in place. The idea that it is being used as a “device” for control may probably be accurate. If it is giving off some kind of frequency, how is this affecting us? Is this what creates “lunacy”, a signal that ramps up the negative aspects of ourselves and stimulates that part of our reptilian brain and perhaps elevates our aggression? In contrast, that which comes from Source/Prime Creator and The Light isn’t mechanical or something that looks like it’s part of a Hollywood Set. Is our paradigm – this reality – actually a set on a stage for the entertainment of some sadistic alien civilization?

I have walked out of my house many times at night to walk my dogs, and I can actually see consciousnessbrgridthe Matrix grid in the sky. I can see this with my physical eyes! I also sense the “Set”. Nothing feels real or alive. Things feel fake and not in place. I sense I’m in a vacuum – void of life-energy and Light. And the noises that should be part of the scene I’m a part of are not there. It’s as if the sound effects are malfunctioning – the sound volume is turned down or the wrong sounds are playing

One could say that I must have been high, under the influence of some drug or alcohol. And I can smile and say, “I don’t do any of those…” I am one of those who is “aware”. I am very observant of the world or realm I find myself experiencing and I make it a point to understand and to know what I’m up against so that I can be effective in dealing with it and correcting it – if that is even possible.

The moon being the mechanism for keeping the Matrix-Cage in place is something we should not totally discard. It certainly gives us plenty of food for thought. If you are an amateur astronomer and can also film this frequency/pulse/wave that is shown in the video below, it will help shed more light into this topic.  .

– Ari Kopel



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