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HU- The Sound Behind All Sounds

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HU- The Sound Behind All Sounds

When I sing this or listen to it, I’m “Home”; and every single atom in my body sings and I feel my vibration rise and my Being becomes more refined.  When the sound of the singing stops, I feel it and miss it. It’s because this is my natural state – being ONE with the frequency/sound of Prime Creator.

I welcome you all to sample what this feels like with the video below.

I hope you resonate with it.



HU (Pronounced like the word hue) is an ancient word with immense spiritual power. It is the sound behind all sounds.

Singing HU can open your heart, helping you find peace, expand your awareness, and gain a higher perspective on daily problems.


With eyes open or closed, take a few deep breaths to relax, then begin to sing HU in a long, drawn-out sound, HU-U-U-U. Take another breath, and sing HU again. Continue for up to twenty minutes. Sing HU with a feeling of love, and it will gradually open your heart to unconditional love.


“HU is both a name for God and a sound of the Audible Life Stream, which we know as the ECK, or Holy Spirit. HU is a charged name of God that can spiritually uplift the people of any religion.”

HU: A Love Song to God

“HU is woven into the language of life. It is the Sound of all sounds. It is the wind in the leaves, falling rain, thunder of jets, singing of birds, the awful rumble of a tornado. . . . Its sound is heard in laughter, weeping, the din of city traffic, ocean waves, and the quiet rippling of a mountain stream. And yet, the word HU is not God. It is a word people anywhere can use to address the Originator of Life.”

-Harold Klemp


HU The Most Beautiful Prayer



Another version:

A recommended chant for spiritual exercises is the ‘HU,’ which is pronounced like the name Hugh or which can be said by pronouncing the sounds of the individual letters ‘H’ and ‘U.’ The HU tone is an ancient name of God and is a wonderful way of attuning to the higher vibrations of Spirit. The ANI-HU is a variation of the HU chant. Pronounced (AHN-EYE-HUE), the ANI-HU is also an invocation to God with an added dimension that brings in the quality of empathy and oneness with others. As you chant this tone, you may find the quality of empathy and connection with others increased.


A recording of a group of thousands of people singing this majestic love song to God. Sing along with this uplifting musical sound, or just listen to it. This will help put you in tune with the ever-present reality of God.

(MP3, 20 minutes) Download



May this serve you well!


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