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Can Evil Men Be Stopped?

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I may not be saying anything you don’t already know.  My words have probably already been spoken by you, or have been thought by you, as you silently read a headline from an article, or briefly listened to the news.

But, here is “my” take on this:

I believe men who commit atrocities are possessed.

The man in the video below could have chosen to be a good man. But something “else” whispered in his ear; and that path, that was now presented to him, seemed to fulfill some sort of need, or fill some aching void…

The new, destructive path gave him a purpose, an identity,  and justified taking vengeance for his miserable existence. He found a cause, a raison d’être.

And whatever does that for a man, in this bleak world, will receive loyalty and reverence. That new ideology, which is fueled by a negative force, has the power to infiltrate the heart, the mind and the soul, like a virus. A person, therefore, has given permission to be taken over in this way, because the path that he was on before provided no relief from internal turmoil, and this one does!

Therefore, it’s a possession, where someone is taken over, through conscious or unconscious consent!

My heart goes out to all who become the victims of those carrying out unconscionable acts. These acts are representations of  obedience and loyalty. They are the orders and mandates required as part of an allegiance with something that promises to embrace them, giving them a sense of importance and belonging, and giving them relief from the pain of living in this world – a pain created by the “relieving force” itself!  This tactic is  DECEPTION. We can detect the clever ways of the “Dark Side” by observing how they “design” the problem and then provide their solution. The solution is so spectacular that they have your unequivocal loyalty!

Therefore, my heart also goes out to those who feel lonely, alienated, beaten by “the system”  who carry out the acts of evil, because they have been set up by the Dark Forces to seek relief.

Add to this their inability to Discern, and they are led down a very dark and horrible path that desensitizes them so that they can harm and destroy others along the way – others they blame for their menial existence, their suffering, and their bad luck in life. 

If they were given a do-over, I wonder if they would choose the same path, knowing what they know about that path now. Maybe, they would choose the same, or maybe they snap out of the trance imposed by the “virus of deception” and understand the machinations behind their participation in things that are beyond horrible.

I wish there was a way to get to them before they make the choice to engage in dark things.

Intervening early would perhaps allow them to receive help on so many levels: financial, psychological, empowering support groups and spiritual.

These levels of help could be one component, or a part of an intricate process, that is needed to inoculate them against the “Evil Whispers” that lure men when they are lonely, poor, have no purpose and no identification with a Loving Universal Force that connects all men, women and all living things.

This is a monumental task to set up.

I pray that there is some organization out there, or in the process of forming, that could take this on!

The goal is prevention and intervention.

It must happen early in the lives of men who feel alienated.

We must give them Love early in their lives – and what they need to thrive – so that they don’t have to seek help via “the dark side”. 

The Light, therefore, has to step in before these men seek help from the “opponent” – because “it” will gladly provide them with what they need, without hesitation.

We, as a community of Light Servers need to do more!

What is happening all over the world, with men committing atrocities and being desensitized so that their is no empathy or compassion, is our collective problem. 

Taking a stand and collaborating with others, who share in the vision of helping to solve this pressing issue, allows us to be of service to these vulnerable and impressionable young men so that 1) they don’t suffer and choose incorrectly, 2) innocent people don’t become victims by their actions, and 3) there is a shift of frequency, on this planet, from negative to positive. The rise in frequency due to the infusion of Love-Based-Actions towards these individuals could transmute negative impulses that lead to destructive behavior. By providing a more positive and Love-Based approach, their demeanor changes to match with the vibration of Love, making this the prevailing frequency on the planet.

The steps seem simple on paper, and we all know too well that it’s more complicated than what I’ve written. But, I know that when “there’s a will, there’s a way” and it’s not impossible to do when we set our minds and hearts with this intention, and we collaborate to accomplish this.

Remember: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…”

I don’t think that this is just a saying that was coined for “New-Age” thinking. We are here in embodiment to make a difference to everyone, who don’t have the internal fortitude or “higher wisdom” to figure out how to live within this Matrix! And I am very much aware, that many of us who deem ourselves “Light Workers” are also struggling with this very issue – how to navigate within this reality and come out unscathed!

It boils down to this: It’s up to us to plant the seeds for a positive and loving world. It’s up to us to formulate the ideas for change, and implement actions that birth a world that provides balance, peace and the opportunity to thrive for all Living things that are currently expressing here.

The young man who served as an ISIS commander in the video below could have been my son… or your son. Watch him carefully. Study his demeanor, his body language. The outcome for him – and his victims – could have been different –  had he found help earlier – and that terrible void, caused by being in a world that is compromised, would have been filled with Love and opportunity and the right guidance.

It’s, therefore, not too late for others like him. Will it be you who makes a difference, and passes on the Light-Torch that will change the destiny of just one life, and possibly change the outcome for many others?

I hope so… And I’ll be right there with you! Count on it!

Ari Kopel

Here’s more of the documentary with Stacey Dooley Face to Face with Isis:

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