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Gil Broussard’s Compelling Presentation on Planet 7X

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Of all the Gil Broussard interviews, in my humble opinion, this one was the most fascinating, as he connected the dots so elegantly for me. At the same time it finally dawned on me that this “thing” out there – that I sense and feel in my gut – could be a reality and one that we could experience soon. 

Also I’ve included how the mass media is now speaking about a planet 9 and another solar system that is associated with it. It’s interesting that they’re introducing this information now, whereas before they were in total denial. They’re clever not to call it a Planet X or Nibiru, but they’re pointing to another cosmic body and making sure we all know about it.

 So, what’s changed? Why now? These are questions we should ask ourselves.

Notice how they don’t give you the correct information on it, but it’s very general and loose. The idea is that they get to mention it, a huge planet, as this is part of “their” protocol – to announce their doings and intentions.

Planet X and Nibiru may not be their doing, but hiding it from us, especially via chemtrails and not disclosing what is to come and the chaos that will ensue, is their doing. And if we’ve learned anything yet by observing how they operate, we should be able to deduce that their mentioning something “similar” to a planet X and a solar system associated with it is not a coincidence. Their timing is also foretelling. 

What we should be paying attention to is the information they’re leaving out and that which is distorted… They tell us about it to prevent karmic repercussion, perhaps, but they don’t give us the entire truth so that we’re kept in the “pasture”, grazing.

Click on the titles and links below for information on that new solar system they’ve discovered that their new Planet 9 is associated with:

This Weird Solar System is the Widest Ever Discovered

Lonely Planet: Astronomers Find Galaxy’s Largest Solar System


And again, an article on the supposed discovery of Planet 9:

Ninth Planet May Have Been Discovered, Researchers Say




Please pay close attention to the details in the YouTube presentation. And, if you feel so inclined, download Gil Broussard’s book. It’s free on pdf.

Here’s Gil’s Website:

Please share, and based on this information, let others make up their own minds. They’ll either see it, or they won’t. You’ll either see it, or you won’t! And if you don’t, that’s fine. We’ll all know soon enough – one way or another.

If it ends up being true, I hope you’re in a good place in your heart; that you’ve forgiven, that you’ve let go, that you are in a place of peace and joy.


Ari Kopel

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