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It’s All in Divine Order – Nothing to Worry About!

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I wonder who in humanity, other than the obvious few corrupt/sinister ones, would actually want to bring chaos into our world?

Is it possible that the negative situations, the barbaric events that we see manifesting are due to the notion that maybe we haven’t paid attention to them, and that because of our lack of interest it’s gotten out of hand? Could it also be that we’ve been lied to about how to handle ourselves with respect to these sinister global events so that we’ve become a little too complacent and full or ourselves? I’m speaking about those who supposedly came into this world to help…. Where are you?

And who would be lying to us? Who or what would gain if we don’t pay attention to these things? Who or what would train us to think that if we focus on the negative aspects of this world we will bring it on – after all, we create our own reality? How many people in Syria created that reality for themselves? How many women who have been raped, accused of adultery and stoned to death have created that reality? How many sexually abused children or children used in rituals have brought this to their reality? Give me a break!

And who is calling those who bring this to everyone’s attention fear mongers? Those who use this terminology are in fear of being called out!

And who would embrace this type of thinking and careless spiritual belief? It is unfortunate for the Light Bearers who do get it, and are exhausted in holding the Light and taking on added responsibility. The total realization of the Spiritual Warfare is something that is too much to bear and it’s a heavy load. There is much battle-fatigue, as there is no help from the others that came in with that purpose…Those have been compromised by the false philosophies and now embrace a “laissez fair”, service-to-self thinking …

I guess those who embrace the “everything is in Divine Order” belief must be on a different planet or dimension, or maybe they’ve Ascended and we all didn’t get the Memo! But, they’re somewhere else…They’re somewhere that is not experiencing what we are witnessing on the planet at this moment. It must be Utopia for them to hold on to the notion that there is no evil and that people are just in a blissful state – perpetually – as they get their colonics, their organics and their doses of Ayahuasca.

What is happening to this world is worse than anything that Atlantis could have experienced. The degree of irresponsibility by those “in the Know” is beyond shameful! And every second that goes by, the darkness advances – without anything stopping it.

We can sit behind our computers and philosophize all day long, all year long… and the world is exponentially deteriorating beyond the point of recovery. This leads me to believe that we have been infiltrated and compromised in an unprecedented manner.

And if we don’t realize the degree of deception that has been served to us in a pretty, flowery plate, we will keep holding on to disempowering philosophies, philosophies that are creating and maintaining the Entropy.

If we want to turn this around, then we need to 1) acknowledge what is happening in the world – as not being in alignment with the Divine Blueprint and 2) take responsibility by rising to the occasion and using the Divine Gifts and the Powers that we possess by being Emissaries of The Light.

Those that serve darkness have made you believe you are sick, unloved, alone, old, poor, and broken… That you can’t connect to the Divine anymore, because you’ve inhaled one chemtrail too many, or have swallowed one glass of fluoridated water too many…

I tell you that this is not the case! Your Divinity overrides ALL that which has lied to you and tries hard to compromise you! DO NOT BE FOOLED and DO NOT believe the pretty-numbing messages of False Spirituality that has robbed you of The TRUTH, and taken away the POWER & AUTHORITY that is inherent in you so that you can bring forth the Will of Creator to this world.

Stand Up! Look at the evidence around you and ask: “Is it really in Divine Order?” Ask: “How have I advertently or inadvertently contributed to this chaos?”

If you can’t look at yourself in the mirror after answering, then it’s time to shake off the corrupt programing that has made you complacent, apathetic and indifferent; and it’s time to Connect Directly with Prime Creator. Only through the Light and the Vibration of the Higher Realms will we all ignite again and be That Light which will Blast the darkness out of this realm once and for all!

Have you had enough of the madness and the lies?

Learn how these forces lie to the Spiritual Emissaries of Light – you! Find out about the tactics they use; how they keep you in low vibration; how they interfere in your life; and the tools of protection and empowerment that will help you turn your life around, and get this planet back into the frequency of The Illumined Realms.

My goal is to wake up the sleeping Light Emissaries – not the masses! I have been commissioned to bring this information out. May it be a tool in our Spiritual Arsenal for The Light.

If you’re interested in this information, get on the mailing list so that you can be notified when the book is launched. On that day, those that get the book will also receive bonuses to help in your Empowerment and Protection.

Go to to get on the mailing list or email me directly at:

Sending you all my Blessings and prayers of protection for the coming time ahead…

– Ari Kopel

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