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My Strange Experience and Epiphany at Denver Airport

In Uncategorized on August 3, 2014 at 9:28 pm

I was apprehensive about going to Denver Airport because of all the talk and speculation with respect to it being built by the NWO clan. Believe me when I tell you that I was praying and saying my Kodoish Mantra every minute on that plane, upon touchdown and upon walking the massive airport. I had mixed feelings about whether I wanted to run into that crazy, in-your-face, NWO propaganda mural. But, when the plane landed, I was more concerned about getting my shuttle to the hotel and making it on time to the conference that I was attending.

       The shuttle didn’t arrive on time. I was there waiting and waiting with heavy carry-ons by the baggage claim, pickup area. And I had plenty of time  plenty of time  to observe and feel that airport out. Actually, I had a whole hour to get a “sense” for the airport. And it wasn’t good. It wasn’t pleasant. There is definitely something there. Even if you don’t see it with your physical eyes because it’s covert, or underground, there is something that is of a very sinister and evil quality that lurks there.

       So, I began calling in the Host of Light. Yes, indeed they came immediately, as they always do, by the droves. Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth, I said, under my breath – over and over and over – unceasingly. I watched as the Host of Light inundated the entire airport – and all the surrounding areas with Light. I could now not only sense it, as I had sensed the thick blanket of evil before, I could actually see it with my eyes. It was a huge influx and outpouring of Light from the Illumined Realms. It was smoking out that which had anchored itself there and had claimed its territory. I sensed a huge shift. I didn’t stop the calling or the Mantra. I continued this “pounding” of Light Forces and Light Infusion for a whole hour, until I was finally picked up by the mysteriously late shuttle.

       When the shuttle came and I boarded, I was upset because I was an hour late to my conference. I kept bringing it up to the driver, how I had called to be picked up right when the plane had landed and how terribly late I was because of the delay. And as I was complaining, I passed the famous Blue Mustang statue which sits right at the airport entrance. This thing has red glowing, evil eyes… Yes, it could be crystal or some red glass or other material that makes it glow like this. But, when you connect all the things that are placed on that airport as symbols, as anchors of negative, sinister energy and intent, this Red-eyed horse was more icing on the cake…

       Then I realized that the whole hour that I was delayed was to my advantage in intending the Light to be poured – flooded – into the airport and all the underground caves, bunkers and hiding places meant for the use of these nefarious ones. And although I didn’t see the famous mural, I felt its presence. There is definitely something in that airport – at least I experienced it first hand, and it was no longer a conspiracy theory for me… I can sniff out evil, like a dog can sniff out rot. I was there, and it wasn’t going to go unaddressed!

       To make a long story short, I spent a wonderful two days at my conference. I was very productive and engaged in what I was doing. And the day arrived when I had to return to that eerie airport. On the way back to the airport, I asked the shuttle driver what the story was with the Blue Mustang… He tells me that when the sculptor, Luis Jimenez was putting the final touches on the statue, the massive head of the horse fell off – yes, fell off – and killed him. So, the sculptor’s father finished the project. But, after that the horse’s eyes glowed red and people thought it was due to the killing. Huh???? Did I just hear that? I said, to the guy “There’s something evil here, isn’t there?” He goes, “Yep”…

       I was dropped off at the terminal and I began my Mantra all over again – a second doze of the Light-Infusion. I got into the gate and waited my turn to go in the plane. I flew Southwest Airlines, which means there are no assigned seats – it’s first come, first serve. I was number 31. I felt I had a good chance of getting the seat position I wanted – towards the front of the plane and on the aisle. But, as I board the plane, I notice that the entire front area is taken. I’m disappointed. By being towards the front, I could exit the plane sooner, once it lands.

       So, I keep walking past people that are already seated, and finally find a row of three empty chairs where I decide to call home for the next two hours. I notice that there is a rolled-up poster in the middle seat. I find that odd and figure that someone must be sitting there and reserved that spot. I think about moving to a row further back because I prefer not to have to sit with someone next to me. Plane seats are not comfortable and they’re so narrow. I was hoping to get more elbow room, so that I could do some writing; but moving would mean I would leave the plane later than sooner…

       I decide on the row with the three empty seats and the poster,  and I sit. After a while and after a lot of people boarded, a woman approaches from the back of the plane and stands next to me. She says that she needs to get in. So, I get up and let her in. She removes the poster from the seat, puts it in the overhead compartment and plops herself next to me – not by the empty window seat. So, I’m thinking “what the heck…?” I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t scoot down to the window seat, which was more comfortable for her and for me. I’m also thinking that maybe she’s waiting for someone. I’m guessing that it’s going to be a long, boring ride. I wasn’t inspired to get any work done, especially when feeling a bit crowded; so there would be nothing left for me to do but go to sleep.

       We wait another fifteen minutes for last minute boarding. In the meantime, I’m trying to get some work done and the lady next to me is reading over some paperwork. She still doesn’t move over; and none of the people that are coming in late – and there are a whole bunch – pick the empty seat!

       When the last person boards, the plane pushes back and heads towards the runway. When it reaches the runway, it starts to speed up. In the meantime, the lady next to me is looking out the window closest to her and then towards the other window that is in the opposite row. I have no idea what she is looking at. I begin to look at the window next to her and only see runway and of course the airport.  There is a few minutes of this and then she turns to me and says, “What do you think about this airport?”  I almost fall out of my chair and would have if I didn’t have my seat-belt on!

       I think for one moment – analyzing the question, the questioner and my potential answer. I say “Interesting question – what makes you ask this and why are you asking me?”

       “I was wondering if you’ve heard anything…”

       I let out a soft laugh, realizing it’s going to be an interesting conversation and ride. “It’s funny you ask this,” I say. “I happen to host a radio show exposing all of these things.”

       She opens up and starts telling me about the fact that she knows that they had built another airport, the same size and she doesn’t understand why. She mentions that the fences with the barbed wires are facing in, as opposed to out. So, I say “Yes, this is to keep the people in – like a prison.”

“Yes,” she says.

       So, this opens up the floodgates for an amazing two hour conversation on the New World Order, Denver, FEMA, Chemtrails, GMOs, disempowerment, The Matrix, Ascended Masters, The Keys of Enoch and the Timeline we’re in. The lovely woman is writing a book to help Christians understand these things…. And she feels disempowered and not able to connect to the Higher Realms, because she feels her pineal gland has been calcified by too much Fluoride. She says to me that when she was younger, she was able connect to Source and have amazing and profound spiritual experiences and now she can’t. She hits a ceiling and can’t get any further.

       I listened to her story and I thanked the Host of Light, for they had their signature all over this “coincidental” encounter… I knew that we were placed together for a very important reason, and my job was to provide her with very specific information that would help her understand why she wasn’t connecting to Source and to provide her with the tools she would need to be able to do so – information that is contained in the book I’m releasing in the winter. This is timely, empowering information for people just like her who are in embodiment now, in order to be of service, and are not able to because they can’t even help themselves! How can anyone help raise the consciousness of humanity or be the change – à la “We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for” – when we can’t even cure our own colds or stop the interference and drama in our lives? So, my current mission is to address that, and I do so in the book. My first “client” or captive audience was this woman. What were the chances of that? None – no chance – all preplanned, pre-ordained, pre-orchestrated.

       As, I walk down the corridor, carrying my two heavy carry-ons, and I say goodbye to Donna, I have a big smile on my face. Yes, there is evil out there, really bad, ugly stuff that seems really ominous. And we can’t even begin to tackle it because we’re so overwhelmed with our own “hell” which is really gigantic to us at times. How the heck are we going to be the “Change we’ve been waiting for…” when we can’t change our own circumstances? I am smiling because I see how the Host of Light works every day and in every way how beautifully elegant they work. 

      It is so evident to me how they arranged this encounter and the why – I needed to know that the information I was bringing forth was necessary and useful to many. There are many of us who are in Service to the Light that need to have these Tools of Empowerment, but more than that, we need to know why we are not effective, even though we’re on the Spiritual Path and have been for many years. I had been feeling very discouraged after writing the book because I felt that no one would want this information or they would feel that they were superior to it. I felt that many would take offense to the candor in it and to the straight- to-the-point and no-nonsense nature of the information. I was wrong, so wrong! There was at least one person that could use this information  and she had been sitting right next to me, touching my elbow.

       Donna, the woman next to me on the plane, had been speaking to me about the very issues that I address on the site and on the Shattering The Matrix radio show. And I realized that there are so many like her out there… She needed to get the scoop as to why she couldn’t tap to the Higher Realms, to Source; and she needed to get the tools to become Empowered and to be in the Flow of Divine Protection and Divine Inspiration  under the wing of The Divine Forces. She was missing that piece, big time!

       The Host of Light arranged that both of us meet in a very strange place – on a Southwest Airlines plane, in a runway in Denver Airport. She healed me from doubting myself, from my uncertainty and lack of confidence; and I helped her get back on track. How great is that? How great is The Light and those Beings in service to The Light? They are so tuned into what we need, making us more Effective and of Greater Service to humanity. By helping us step into our Power again, we can begin functioning from Strength and Efficiency, working towards restoring the Original Blueprint of Prime Creator on this planet.

     There are many of you who are ready to step up your game as well, who are truly here to help in the transformation of this world and who feel you are being “royally messed with” by the Dark Forces because your life is just not working. The  information I provide in my book will give you not only the Clear Understanding of what is transpiring, but also the road map and the tools to allow you to finally step into your Divine Power and Authority.

       I know that Donna has a very specific mission, a big and important mission; and it was being prevented from manifesting. Not anymore! Now she knows what was messing with her and what she needs to do to get the message out so that she can empower others as well. This concept is like putting on your oxygen mask first, so that you can then place the mask on others. We first have to come from strength, in order to be effective in being of service. If we can’t breathe or are struggling with our own mask, we can’t be much use to anyone else…

       If you resonate with this and you would like to know when the book is released, you can email me at: and I’ll put you on the mailing list. You can also join my new Blog site at:, where specific blogs on this topic will be posted and where you can subscribe to receive updates on the book’s launch date.

       The Light will “Shatter” all the negative and nefarious forces on this plane of existence – but it’s a group effort. It takes all of us!  The more of us that are on board and willing to become empowered to help, the quicker this process will be.

       How badly do you want Transformation? I am in all the way and have made myself available to be of service! If you are not in Ego and willing to become totally aware of the tactics used by the Dark Forces against you, to hold you back from reclaiming your Mastery, I encourage you to read the information in the book. Awareness is Power!

       Most of us who serve the Light have been provided with a lot of disinformation on purpose. The agenda is to keep us scattered, in discord, separated and to keep us from stepping into our Power and reclaiming our Mastery. I wonder why? Is it time to know? Is it time to do something about it? 

The time is now to Shatter the Matrix!

       You can write to me and let me know that you want to be on the mailing list or go on my Word Press page and sign up by going to the About Tab. I’ll let you know when the book becomes available. And then, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work… because nothing will happen unless we’re involved!

Ari Kopel

  1. Dear Ari,
    Thanks for your post which is very important to know for Light workers….
    Your Experience really touched my heart…..
    Yes, Kodoish…..Mantra is Very powerful and Donna met you for some purpose ….
    Evil Forces are there and we can have some different type of feelings when it is in our surrounding areas…..
    But when we are there for some specific purpose by the Divine Forces ….Other unknown souls also help us and we should try to find out the Reason and cause of all….
    There is some thing that awaits for us to be revealed….

  2. This is crazy! What a day! I just completed my story of transformation that I am publishing in November! I had a NDE in July of 2006! It happened in Denver!! I just checked my mail and saw the title! There is a connection here! I have read all about the Denver Airport and I feel the darkness when I am there! I will definitely be interested in reading your book!!! I am a light worker and I want to help shatter the matrix! Julianne

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