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More Negative News – And How to Handle it

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Everyday we pick up a newspaper, or turn on our television, or get on the internet, we’re made aware of  different events that impact humanity in a very negative manner. The complexity of human greed and power, mixed in with pseudo-economics, leads to a possibility of global oppression. Add to this the delicate balance between earth changes and cosmic dynamics and this creates a scenario that is similar to several runaway trains at the verge of collision.


What is transpiring at this point in human history  – and from all levels – is hard to face and difficult to wrap our heads around. It is, like “runaway trains” coming at us from all directions. Many of us don’t know how to deal with the barbaric acts of violence; the tragedies caused by natural disasters; the revelation of the facades and soulless actions of politicians, who memorize behavior and talking points that lead to the “rape” of a species known as human beings.

train-collisionSo here is the purpose of this article. It is my intent to bring up the latest occurrences of events that seem to be propelling the “run-away trains”. This way we can become aware of what is fueling them. This awareness, however,  may not help in stopping the potential collision, because the “trains” may be too fast, and too close to the point of collision to be able to thwart their momentum.

I, for many years now, have made it my responsibility to bring up information that may be unpleasant to most of us. It makes me very unpopular, believe me. And thank goodness I’m not running for any office. It is my reasoning that it’s better to get uncomfortable now – when we can, in theory, do something about it – than later! And following along this narrative, It is my duty to alert those that have the willingness and courage to listen, because then they have options to make proper choices for themselves. And then, my so-called unpopularity or “fear-mongerer” status would have been worth it.

We know that “they” – the powers that be  – know more than they’re letting us in on. It is evident that there is an escalation of detrimental weather, volcanic activity, earthquakes and natural disasters – all over the world. And there is an escalation of FEMA-movement.

So, with this in mind, let me bring “some” events to your attention:

On April 23rd, the Magnetosphere collapsed for 2 hours! Anyone understand the implications of this?  You can read that article HERE

An article was published by The Los Angeles Times about a potential, devastating Earthquake. The article was popping up in the front page of Yahoo for many days. It is titled  San Andreas fault ‘locked, loaded and ready to roll’ with big earthquake, expert says. Here is a link to that article:

Here is another piece of information, along those lines. It talks about San Andreas and the extreme pressure along the fault line:

Also, Yellowstone is on the brink of something… Much of the information is being hidden or held back from the general public. Why?

Here is a link to a You Tube video about the “activity” at Yellowstone. Pluck out the information that you need to make your own determination:

For those who are in the San Francisco area, I believe Marshall Masters is giving a workshop on May 22, 2016 to help everyone identify areas of safety. Here is that link:  

And here is an article written by Jennifer Masters that is worth the read. It highlights all the events that allow us to conclude that our planet is being perturbed by a cosmic body:

The video below is one that is interesting, if indeed this gentleman, Tom Lupshu, actually met with these officials. I don’t see why it’s not true that he met with whom he says he met with… I hope this information causes some of us to start a plan of preparation – especially identifying areas of safety.

I ask you to wear a “detective hat” and start asking yourself why there is such concern by officials and the elite? Why are they keeping this a secret? Why are our skies – once so blue – so milky-white? What are they covering up?


Here is some information about why Elites and “the wealthy” are going to their bunkers – underground, like rodents. There is some biblical/Christian rhetoric here, but the information is important to help us open our eyes just a bit more.


So, ask yourselves: Why are all these “events” escalating and culminating to a date not too far in the future – like maybe this year or next? Based on all the “weird” behavior from the politicians and globalists and there push for a New World Order, will there even be an election in the United States come November 2016 ?  Or, will something else be the inciting incident that causes the governments of the world to exercise Martial Law?

I hope “the will of the people” does count this election, although I don’t know for sure. Even though I don’t have a crystal ball, I can see the writing on the wall: the strange weather that is happening worldwide; cataclysmic events; the savagery that human beings unleash on one another; the greed and hunger for power of the elitists; the lies; the cynicism and the corrupt politics. The “writing” is very clear; and although it isn’t explicit, I have developed the art of reading between the lines!

funny-guruSo, what do we do about all of this “gravity” – pun intended? It’s so beyond anything anyone of us can do individually – or collectively! Personally,  I’m taking it a day at a time. And yes, “getting ready” to the best of my ability. Primarily, I’m connecting to my Creator – to Universal Mind – and receiving guidance from there, and then taking Action based on that Direct Guidance.

I figure that many well-meaning individuals – who claim to possess certain knowledge and “gifts” – have been wrong numerous times. And if I were a betting person, I would bet they’d be wrong again in whatever they predict. So, my choice is to resort to that Voice that has no agenda and isn’t wrong – the one within.

And I’m also making the time to take in the beauty of this world; to soak in the goodness of wonderful people; the nurturing of my family and all the wonderful memories I’ve accumulated throughout my journey on this planet…  And no one – and No Thing –  can take that away from me! 

And every so often, I’ll enjoy a glass of fine wine; go to a comedy club and laugh at the raunchy jokes of some comedian. I go to open houses to admire the house of my dreams and then go test drive a beautiful car at 90 miles an hour. I’ll enjoy the sensation of a creamy, decadent ice cream, as it slightly melts off the sides of my sugar cone. I’ll carefully blow on the hot, dripping cheese of a New York pizza, while listening to a distant train screech overhead.

964458_10151495862728040_790161023_oIf the dark clouds that have started to roll in become ominous and close to the ground, I hope we have the common sense to seek shelter. But, most importantly, I hope we keep our eyes wide open so that we can detect the potential danger of dark and ominous clouds. Furthermore, I hope we don’t mistake them for a passing Spring shower…

If  weather forecast promises “severe weather”, then let’s make sure to seek shelter and not forget to bring those things with us that will keep us happy and comfortable, while we wait for the storm to pass.

But, when the writing on the wall is really the forecast for challenging times ahead, let’s not stress over what we can’t control. Instead, let’s make the best of it. Sometimes a bad storm has to come to clear out the air… And as we know, this too shall pass.

So, here are some things that I’m practicing more of these days and feel they will be my lifeline when “the world as we know it” starts to wind down:

Live life to the fullest each moment

I am present in every action. I stop to reflect and to absorb the “magic” of the moment into my being. I am living to my fullest potential. I partake in life and I am contributing towards making this world a better place.

Become cognizant of those things that bring me joy

I play more music. I laugh with more gusto and more often. I appreciate fine art and color in my coloring books. I play more – jacks, Parcheesi and occasionally blow some bubbles over the garden. I enjoy the company of  great friends, and true friends. I devote more time to my family. I spend quality time with my pets and let them teach me a thing or two. I love my space and my freedom to express.

Mend bridges

There is no time for drama or feeling like a victim. There is no time for blaming or holding on to grudges – or hate. It’s time to remember why I liked the person in the first place. It’s time for mending that part of a relationship that somehow broke. And it’s time to pick up where I had left off – on a loving and creative path.


Yes, I must forgive. I forgive others for what I perceived to be wrong-doings towards me. But, most importantly, I forgive myself for being imperfect in my eyes and then for acting as if I were imperfect.

Love unconditionally

When I love, I’m all in. I love without any prejudice, without any need to be loved back. I love because I see the palette of the Creator at work and that the Being I have before me is truly unique and a Masterpiece. I love them for all they represent and the lessons I’ve learned and have yet to learn from them. I love them for helping me Master myself.

Take a little risk

I go on more adventures. Many of these require leaving my “cave” at home… I go out and meet new people and face new circumstances. I leave myself open to all possibilities and I am okay with my vulnerability and to disappointments and let-downs. I know that this is a part of life and that it’s what puts a little pepper into this life-experience.

Go outside and smell the flowers

I am more appreciative of those things I take for granted, like the flowers springing up in my garden, the busy bees pollinating them, the birds chirping in excitement. I also appreciate the weeds, for without them the flowers wouldn’t be as meaningful. I am more in-tune with my surroundings and grateful of the innate beauty in nature and the wisdom of Creator.

I am a student of the natural world

I pay more attention to the animals. I learn from their wisdom. I notice how squirrels are guided by instinct – or a Direct Connection to Source. They are in tune when to frolic and when to collect food and hibernate. They function from that “connection” so that they’re constantly in the experience, as opposed to having to understand by way of an intellect. They are proactive and inner-guided. They are not functioning from worry and aren’t caught up in a philosophy. 

I create new memories

I live life fully today, as if there was no tomorrow. I create joyous moments every instant – for myself and others. This is what I will take with me no matter where I am, no matter what happens in life. These positive, and beautiful memories are what help me get through those challenging moments. They make life worth living and keep me getting up in the morning.

I remember what it’s like to be human

I appreciate all the good, the bad, the ugly and the sublime. I recognize that it’s all part of the journey and experience through this world. I am grateful for the wonderful lessons I’ve learned and the extraordinary experiences I’ve had! I appreciate all the gifts of being a human being: my mind that allows me to express. My heart that allows me to cry. I am grateful for seeing my children at the moment of their birth; my ability to listen to wonderful symphonies; my taste buds experiencing a chocolate truffle; my fingers feeling the soft fur of my pets…

Staying Centered

And despite how all of this pans out, I am be at peace, knowing that everything is okay and will unfold the way it is supposed to. I make the right choices for my life-stream because I know I am protected. I stay in a place of love and joy, despite the outcome.


My additional two cents:

Keep on top of what’s going on in the world. You live here. If you owned a condominium somewhere, and there was a rumor that the condo association was going to start construction which would create a lot of noise and rubble – and it would affect your right to peaceful enjoyment, not to mention you would have to ditch out extra money to pay for these “improvements” –  you would be upset at this, I’m sure.

Yet, our world is changing quicker than we can blink an eye and the repercussions are not just dust in the air or annoying noise. Our rights are being taken away and many of us are experiencing loss of property and life due to unprecedented weather and earth changes.

We are beyond the point where our protests would make a difference and we can’t protest floods or wild fires. What is needed now is our ability and desire to connect to the God of our understanding, where we can get correct guidance and solace. And from there we can perhaps Master ourselves and conquer the outer circumstances. Then we can look at life with a new pair of glasses and quickly learn to appreciate all the hard lessons that have made us who we are. And maybe we can rekindle that passion that inspires us to find all the beauty that is still hidden, waiting to be discovered.

And finally, know that it’s okay to be practical. So, purchase the extra can goods, get some heirloom seeds, and a good water filter for those “rainy days”. Remember that being spiritual doesn’t mean we have to act irresponsibly toward ourselves or loved ones, or become victims. Let’s be wise and let this Wisdom guide us through these very “interesting” times ahead.

– Ari Kopel


About the Author:

270e84_7ffbdca8fc4e4f5d9f41430393525662Ari Kopel is the Bestselling Author of “Spiritual Warfare & The Art of Deception: The Hijacking of Spirituality” and “Getting Back to Source: Tools for Connection, Protection and Empowerment”. Both became #1 Bestsellers and #1 New Releases in Amazon.

She specializes in Spiritual Psychology and is a counselor for those who are seeking to have a more profound experience with the God of their understanding and become fully empowered to help themselves, their loved ones and humanity.

Ari is also the founder of and the radio show host and creator of“Shattering the Matrix” on BlogTalkRadio.

You can get in touch with Ari by going to her website:

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