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Are The Light Workers Graduating or Flunking?

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It’s time for a reality check. What will be our final grade? How are we doing? Are we on track? Have we accomplished what we agreed to have achieved by now? Are we off the mark completely?


Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m a great observer. One of the things that I do is I pay close attention to the results. Results don’t lie! If we agree that for every action there is a reaction or that a small stone thrown in the ocean will create ripples that will travel across the world, then we can definitely measure our progress. We can observe behavior and the results of our behavior by what manifests in our world. So, we’re making ripples but the results are not indicative of a world that is progressing or evolving. What we can assess, based on the outcome of our behavior – a world in upheaval due to our indifference –  is that many of us are aiding the Opponent. We’re not making a dent for the Light, although many of us think we are. Perhaps it’s that video tape that is played in the mind that shows that we’re already in Utopia.

lobotomySo, how do we know that we’re failing? We can observe that the world is not progressing in the direction that we had anticipated or projected. The Sinister Forces are on the loose, they’re rampant and going unchecked. They’re making progress. Those of us, who have the capabilities to stop this, went out for a colonic and came back with a lobotomy…

Then there are those of us that read the latest circulating internet post – you know, the one that comes into our email box that has the latest channeled message by so and so – and now we think we’re a hiccup away from Ascension. We think that we get to “Ascend” just because we have determined that we’re “beyond” all 3D influence, as we robotically take an aspirin for our migraine…

Who determines this Ascension? Apparently we do, along with our so-called pseudo-spiritual teacher or favorite channeled 11060303_oricharacter. It doesn’t matter if this character is Daffy Duck…If Daffy Duck spits out beautiful nuggets of truisms, sugar-coated with blatant lies, and says a “Namaste” or two, we’re wowed into thinking his words are “truth”.

Dear God, am I on the right planet? I know I must have made a wrong turn somewhere…

In the meantime, while these folks are riding the unicorns and playing tag with Tinker Bell, the world they’re “not living in” is challenged with trying to not obliterate itself; and millions of souls are not experiencing a nirvana, but “hellish” experiences. This happens because no one – no one – is paying attention or wanting to speak up or risk being singled out. We live in fear of retaliation.

We’re living in an era that reminds me of a circus show that puts Barnum and Bailey to shame! The delusion and spiritual perversion is so expansive that many of the spiritual “circus acts” toot their own horns, claiming that they excrete pixie dust because they’re no longer a third-dimensional being. They’re no longer a part of “this reality” – no they are a part of a world that is completely fabricated in their mind. We used to send these folks to Bellevue Hospital…Now, they’re on the loose by the droves, as a result of the New Age Movement!

In the meantime, others around the world, and even in our own hometowns, are suffering. But the pseudo-spirituals make it a point to let others know that pointing out this suffering, and what’s causing it, is Fear Porn! Oh, did I mention they claim to be on the verge of Ascension?

So, who invented the “spiritual” meaning of this word anyway – Ascension? I think that based on the behavior and the results in the outer world, the new word to be used by these folks is Descension. I don’t know if anyone ever let them in on the secret that our graduation from Earth U is based on an Ascension of Consciousness – and no one Ascends when they are in service-to-self. Concentrating strictly on personal Ascension and disregarding the pain and suffering of others – pretending it’s not there because to think about it you bring it to your reality – leaves you stranded at the bus stop! The behavior and the outcome is an example of what not to do, if you’re seeking Ascension!

No graduation for you… maybe some summer school would be good. Sign up for the humanities 101 class.

How many of us have met someone with the “Ascension delusion” and that person has been immersed in interpersonal drama, has a myriad of ailments and afflictions, and has deep financial challenges? I sit and watch this like a bad T.V. show that I hope gets canned – except this is life, expressed by a group of spiritual elitists that have surfaced on this planet in conjunction with the New Age Movement.

Rubbing it in our faces, that we’re so spiritually superior, yet we’re in constant personal drama and situations, is a clear indication that we’re not there yet and are just faking it…

This is spiritual decadence at its best and a farce. The arrogance of these folks is off the charts. If any of these “special” people even read this article – meant specifically for them – they’ll scoff, or pretend it’s addressing someone else….

So, I wonder how all the broken stuff on this planet will fix itself. What would cause the craziness that is happening in the world to shift in favor of a more loving and peaceful world, especially given the fact that those of us who are in charge of that department are like Narcissus, paying too much attention to self? We’re too engrossed in ourselves and our Ascension-Ambition. We’ve got our blinders on where we can’t see anything else but a post-card picture of a fifth-dimensional world – because many of us who have our heads in the sand have no idea what fifth dimension is really like. We repeat what we’ve heard about it like parrots, copying the exact verbiage from our spiritual puppeteers.

Our entire focus is on how to get to a higher plane of existence, when most of us are incapable of connecting to the One who created those Higher Planes. In other words, we want to go live in the castle without paying homage to the King of the castle! We have this air of entitlement that is based on fluff. It’s an attitude that will land us right back in a classroom in another dense world – maybe in the midst of its “Dark Age”; and maybe we’ll get burnt at the stake for the kind of spiritual arrogance that we display in this embodiment.

testing_kidSo, how are we doing thus far? Do we cut the mustard? Putting it mildly, we don’t have what it takes to pass the grade nor graduate. We don’t know the material. We look around trying to force it to happen mechanically – doing ceremony, drumming circles, sweat lodges, ayahuasca trips in the deep jungle. We use the cheat sheets to get us to pass the test. We don’t do the homework or preparation necessary in order to connect to the Source of the material. We don’t strive to live or experience the subject matter; instead we go for the “illusion” and the “fake” version of True Spirituality – and we avoid Direct Connection with Source Creator at all costs. Why? Because we know that The All That Is knows we’re faking it! So, what’s our grade so far? We’re managing to pull a whopping “F-minus”.


In the meantime, as we’re so desperately trying to fake our way into the Higher Dimensions, this world – that that we’re not a part of  – is being taken over by darkness. We’re busy looking at a fabricated concept of a fifth-dimensional Earth, while others are in perpetual suffering in this dimension.

Can we all say Spiritual Irresponsibility?

Does this practice come with consequences? Yes, indeed! To those who much is given, much is required… We came into this world fully aware of what the task at hand was. Somehow along the way there was a huge disconnect. Much of it has been by choice – the choice to connect with sources outside ourselves instead of The Source inside ourselves! Why? Because it’s easier, no work involved and we get to hear what we want to hear.

iamlegendMany of us have sought Truth not by direct connection with Source-Creator, but via infiltrated channeled messages – or messages provided to the pseudo-spiritual leaders – that give us the spiritual candy to keep us placated. This is what I call Spiritual Opium. To embrace this sort of lessor-vibrational communication is a choice and the reason that the Light is not advancing as quickly as it should be. The truisms and the embellished, fluffed-up talk acts as an opiate, creating a feel-good state when inaction and indifference occurs. This is a well-designed Spiritual Psy-Op, which provides positive reinforcement via feel-good states of mind, especially when using words and concepts that disempower us.


What’s the prognosis for graduation? Not good. The senior class is failing. Some haven’t shown up to class and some show up but are daydreaming. Others bully the ones that want to pay attention and others argue with the teacher – because they know more.

On Earth U, those who “think” they know more, have taken leadership roles and formed their own groups. The groupies and fans speak in the same way, use the same terminology used by the leader and adopt the leaders philosophy and conclusions of the world at large. They all follow without questioning whether the concept is sound, whether it’s in alignment with The Light or whether it’s correct information. It’s the Lemur Mentality – no discernment and blind faith of someone in physical form or astral form. What happens when we act like this, like lemurs? We go off the cliff!

butterfly-poolWho are we listening to? What are we listening to and agreeing to? What are the consequences, or the “butterfly effect” as a result of our participation? Who have we knighted as our Guru or “savior”? Why have we given our power away to another who could be an agent of the Dark Forces?

Have you ever wondered why these pseudo-spiritual “leaders”, who are blatantly speaking against the Cabal, The Royals and such – calling them Reptilians and Archons – have not been taken out, when others who are less offensive and vocal have? Check out the messages that these so-called spiritual leaders are disseminating and you’ll understand why they are not harmed. They are agents for the Dark Forces and many of us are gravitating to them like flies to sugar.

Now, some of us may argue that they haven’t been taken out because they are protected by the Light Forces. I beg to differ. The Light Forces do not fuel hate or speak against certain groups for the purpose of defamation or to justify their eradication. This is clearly another tactic by the Sinister Forces, disguised as a benign message and being disseminated by very well liked, and charismatic spiritual leaders/whistleblowers. Again, when we don’t exercise our Full Discernment, we will be fooled every time and follow the lead of the compromised “leader” into the abyss.

Those who disseminate this type of information do so in the guise of hate of an ideology or concept – an ideology or concept which generally equates to hate of a particular group. Many of us who claim to be close to Ascension, or are fervently seeking such, are participating in this without any understanding of the ramifications of such participation and the consequences thereof. Therefore, many are really following the directives of entities and their minions. Those of us who participate in this manner are also spreading this information, so we become carriers of this infestation of lies and hatred. We help create animosity and are the catalysts for confrontation with others. When we are an instrument for spreading the sentiment of hate, we move further away from our goal of an Ascension. The vibration of hate and our action to promote it, puts us in lower consciousness and creates a low vibration, where we no longer resonate with the higher vibrations of the Higher Realms.

Is there something wrong with this picture or am I in a strait jacket in a hospital and under the influence of an elephant tranquilizer?

Those of us who see clearly through this “invasion of the body snatchers” better get to your posts quickly and step up your game. We need to speak up and expose these impostors and their shenanigans as quickly as we sniff them out. They are infiltrators, agents of the Dark Forces. Many call themselves light workers, but I say they are “dark” workers. They exist to listen to disinformation, and then spread the infectious lies to those of us who can make a difference in this world. They are “mules” of deception and many of us are falling for it and standing down, as the Dark Forces conquer us without any resistance.

How do we pass this grade and graduate with an “A”? It takes Great Discernment and Unity of Purpose and Razor Sharp Focus – and lots of Courage. I call on the true Light workers, the Light Warriors, the Emissaries of Light who can Discern and see through the tactics of the Sinister Forces and stand your ground!  We need to be more vigilant, stronger and more courageous than ever. The Sinister Forces won’t let up and won’t go without a fight. They’re going to throw all kinds of so-called light-worker-characters at us with their “woo woo” mentality and it will make us sick to our core. They’re going to say that we’re right at the verge of our Ascension, despite the fact that they’ve turned their back on the world and worked on their fake spirituality. They’re going to say everything is in Divine Order, when the world is going up in flames. This disinformation and the outward manifestation of chaos as a result, is a mockery of all life on this planet.

Who are the perpetrators? Here is how you spot them:

(Even though most of us have some of these symptoms, as we try to master ourselves, spiritual perpetrators or infiltrators have most of these and refuse to acknowledge it and rise above it, because they think they’re already there.)

  • Have a need to correct others on their spiritual views
  • Claim a spiritual mastery and state this
  • Service-to-self mentality and Ascension-Fervor
  • Fear of listening to or entertaining information about the negative aspects of this world
  • Use labels to stop you from speaking truth: Fear Porn, Fear Mongering, your in Judgment or Polarity
  • They are intrinsically insecure & hold on to the notion of a fantasy of self-mastery in order to obtain self-worth
  • They experience a lot of drama, negative situations, health issues and financial challenges
  • They display low self-esteem but are assertive on the internet, chat rooms and comment sections
  • They have a hard time connecting to Prime Creator because the vibration is low due to poor choices in behavior, thoughts and emotions
  • They believe they’re on the next train to Nirvana and are on the cusp of Ascension
  • They busy themselves with activities to fool themselves & others that they’re connecting with Prime Creator
  • They’re busy quoting others or posting information given out by so-called spiritual teachers, leaders and channeled messengers
  • They are in denial of negative events on the planet or refuse to become aware of them
  • They work on self only, denying their talents and gifts to help bring awareness and effect change in the world

How to get back on track for graduation:

  • Be vigilant of what is thought, acted upon and expressed via emotion. Negative behaviors, thoughts and emotions lower our vibration.
  • Be in service-to-others first and foremost – Service-to-self lowers our consciousness and our vibration.
  • Be in a state of humility and meekness as opposed to arrogance, ego and delusions of grandeur. When we have achieved self-mastery, we are innately humble and meek. There is no need to boast or call attention to self. Those that do have not mastered anything.
  • Awareness versus Denial – It is best to be in awareness so that we have the opportunity for “smart-solution-taking”. This is in direct opposition to Denial, which occurs when we’re subconsciously or consciously in fear. Under this condition, we shut out all information about negative situations happening in our midst and in the world at large. Compassion, empathy and action create Higher States of Consciousness and Vibration whereas cruelty, denial, apathy, indifference and inaction come from a Lower Consciousness and put us in Lower Vibration.
  • Connecting with Source, Prime Creator versus other sources – The information that comes from Prime Creator or Source is pristine and clear. Information that is derived from anywhere else has a very high probability of being infiltrated by the Dark Forces to provide disinformation.
  • Reclaiming our power versus giving it away – We need to stop being dependent on others for our spiritual guidance and our search for Truth. By doing so, we are stating to the Universe that we feel “less than” spiritually – that we are spiritually handicapped. We need to reclaim our power by connecting directly to Source, Prime Creator where we’ll get the Truth 100% of the time.
  • We need to stop pretending to be a Master and start acting like one. Actions speak louder than words and propaganda. Masters just are. When we call ourselves a Master, we stop being one.
  • Stop following others, movements and philosophies; and start walking breathing and living Christ Consciousness.
  • Start participating in this world. We are a part of it and came here to assist first. Ascension is a consequence of our participation in it. Take action. Do something every day that will move us closer to a collective shift of consciousness. Find what issues you are passionate about, bring your talent and expertise,  and become involved in finding the solution or promoting awareness to the issues.
  • Don’t become stagnant. Stagnation equals entropy and death. You are forever growing and expanding and creating. Reinvent yourself and help create the world we all want, where everyone – not just you – benefits from.

If we stick together with a common cause – eradicate the darkness by exposing them and effecting positive change – we’ll come out victorious. And I know that those life-forms on the planet that have experienced much suffering will finally find relief and get the chance to experience their own Nirvana.

We graduate when everything is truly in Divine Order and back in balance – the way it was meant to be, according to The Original Blueprint of Prime Creator. Let’s pass the final test with an A-plus and graduate Summa Cum Laude… I’m willing to do the work. Are you?

– Ari Kopel

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  1. Great Article! Very inspiring to hear someone cutting through the miasma so called “new age” delusionism! That said, there are a few points regarding the so-called “new anti-Semitic” arguments you have made mention of, which, in the spirit of “discernment” I would like to engage with you, in the interests of helping to refine your excellent message even further, in an area of clearly treacherous and deeply nuanced ideological/political/spiritual terrain. Thanks again for the great work and let me know if you would like to engage that conversation. Marco Z.

    • Marco,
      I would love to have that discussion with you, as long as it isn’t a Palestinian versus Israeli posture. I know how that can turn into the excuse for the antisemitic sentiment and how
      many are using this as the excuse to hate Jews…

      Sending you my Blessings,

  2. Thank you for this Ari…I too have a blog measuring progress and just posted an article about Ascension and the different meanings of it. You have taken the words out of my mouth with this post, therefore, instead of trying to invent a similar story, I am just going to re blog yours because it’s the best thing that happened today, in the last few days there has been a huge turnaround and the Channeled messages are getting a beating…it took one to speak up and now it’s become the “trend” to remove the channelers from our midst. How amazing is that? Would you not think of this as “Unity Consciousness” that for once we are finally on the same page and that we figured out what was really preventing us from moving forward? I have never been a “channeled” follower, but I have been writing about them and how much damage they cause to people that do follow them.
    Keep the great work, it’s truly synchronicity for me the last couple of days.

  3. Thank you Ari.. Once again you have “Nailed’ it.. Blessings to you my dear…

  4. I myself have felt this is what’s been going on. Then there are those so caught up in trying to figure out what planet they’re from, whether walk-in or braid or whatever that they don’t even focus on raising their vibration (or exhibit or utilize the high vibration they claim to have) or connection to Source. Know it all too well. But for the sake of discernment, this message seems to be a

    • I don’t know if you got the first part of what I was saying… that I explain the why I wrote what I wrote and give an in-depth analysis of the reason I wrote this and the tone I use in my first book. As a short and cliff note version: The Light Workers who are here to supposedly help and who should have a natural propensity to shed Light and help in the transformation of this planet have been too busy being duped by disinformation and in self-absorbed, ascension activities. They have been too preoccupied in Self and embracing deceptive practices that keep them looking away from what is causing this world to go into entropy. The world is going awry on our watch! And yes, the “tone” had to be used! There is no fear only those who use the word because they don’t want to hear truth or are not anchored in their Divine Core! In Truth, we are DIVINE and nothing should perturb us, unless we’re disconnected from Source-Creator which makes us not want to look at the ugliness in the world nor hear Truth that will shake us out of our “Comfort Zone” – which translates to doing NOTHING. The Princess Diana post is NOT the only post that is here on this blog site… It is again your perception and lack of investigation, perhaps. As it was your need to make a comment about how you don’t agree with my findings – very typical and why I’ve written about this behavior so often. It is the behavior of entitlement – and that is not of enlightenment. The fact is that I didn’t write the Diana post, just reposted it. And if it creates fear in some, then they should do an honest one-on-one checking with themselves to see why they are in fear and disconnected from the Source of ALL CREATION. But thank you for trying to pull off your soft-version of a “spiritual scolding”…

  5. (I meant you can choose to not post these). What a mess! 🙂 .. tho mirroring the state of affairs! tee hee

  6. I chose to post what I posted with the intention of “Sounding the Alarm” and as a directive from the Higher Councils as it is noted that the Light “Workers” are currently in a “Stupor” and need to be shaken off from this hypnotic state. Those that tend to go into fear by reading information that makes them uncomfortable need to start connecting with the Source of ALL THAT IS and stop entertaining disinformation propagated by pseudo spiritual teachers, gurus, websites and youtube… When we are truly connected with our Creator, nothing — No – thing — perturbs us or causes us to go into fear! Information is information and used to create awareness. How we choose to perceive it based on our emotions and experiences in the world and what we’ve “Chosen to embrace” as ideals and philosophies will cause us to label it. In your case you label information that is uncomfortable to you as “fear”. What can be done is to let go of all the old paradigms and constructs we have been holding on to and the information we’ve embrace provided by outside sources like gurus and teachers and start connecting DIRECTLY with Source Creator. Only then will we really — REALLY — KNOW Truth and be Sovereign! Then, we can start being effective in making positive change and transformation for ourselves and the world at large.

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