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Our Skewed Perceptions – We All Have Them!

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It’s interesting how we all perceive differently and fight for the correctness of our point of view – which in itself is truth – for you…

And these are created and stay in place based on filters that are created in our Being, as a result of life experience – the good, the bad, the ugly and the sublime. These experiences will either jade us, make us bitter and resentful or expand our consciousness and our heart. Some make us build walls around us and turn our hearts into stone. Others will allow us to be in full service to others and make us stronger so that we are empowered to take “Right Action”.

The thing is that there is  something that was severely interfered with in our Being that won’t allow us all to see things from a Higher Perspective, and in Unison. We don’t all see the “Bigger Picture”, or “Big Elephant”, together or from a much HIGHER perspective. This means we are in the forest and can’t see the trees or it means we’re too stubborn to see other points of view in order to see the entire “enchilada” – too afraid to know the truth because it may just change us…

What if the blind men went around and touched the other parts of the elephant? Could they formulate a clearer picture and make a better assessment of what they’re encountering before them?

So, take a quick peek at this very short video of how illusion is made up and how we perceive something that isn’t what we think it is.

Looking at things objectively and from the perspective of Prime and Supreme Creator will usually fix this – in a jiffy!

– Ari Kopel



  1. Karin Lacy, September 12, 2014

    Re: Asking for the Litmus Test

    Dear Cobra and Resistance Movement; Dear fellow Lightworkers;
    My name is Karin Lacy; I’m a self-proclaimed Lightworker for America. You can check whether I am a fraud or genuine by visiting my website, which can be considered an “antiquity”.

    For decades I’d been a believer in the Shift of the Ages as a moment of quantum awakening for humankind, and the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21st of 2012 seemed to promise it. Everybody jumped on the bandwagon and the channels flooded us with information how the upcoming Shift actually would happen.

    When Cobra came out with his blog in April of 2012 with new intel about an underground Resistance Movement for the liberation of humanity I enrolled in his list. I believe a civilization put into amnesia cannot liberate itself, it needs outside help from benevolent Galactics. Initially I had concerns about the choice of the word ‘Resistance’.

    Admittedly I was skeptical whether Cobra with his secrecy about his person is a scam. When he put advertisements on his blog and started giving portal-opening workshops, I thought he is now the new guru growing his follower-ship. It seems Cobra’s frequent response to questions that the intel must remain ‘classified’ has become the accepted red thread throughout his messages for most readers. But to me, each time my curious human mind goes ‘yikes’.

    It is now 2 ½ years later. Cobra is still the Guru Anonymous.
    To me it is important to have an ear to the ground in regards to the transformation and liberation of Gaia and humanity. We are obviously taking the longer, smoother route.
    When browsing through the headlines of newsletters and blog emails I am always aware that these end times are the high times of deception, before the truth comes to light. “Disinformant” seems to be a new occupation inserted by the powers that be. Also, there is the infiltration of disinformation from the non-physical Archons twisted with truth through their willing human instruments, the channels.
    Deception is a powerful tool for energy harvesting, creating confusion, insecurity, uncertainty, anxiety, doubt, hopelessness, and so on, intended to keep the masses in low vibration and under control. Indeed a feeding ground for the mind parasites. A confused population can be easily directed by their leaders towards their goal of the New World Order.
    Ever since I came to the U.S. as a German immigrant, almost 25 years ago, I learned that Americans are especially gullible, meaning well-conditioned into compliance.

    In the past I was thinking that once I am retired and receive a monthly benefit check, my basics for livelihood will be covered and I can fully focus on my Lightworker mission, with my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds. (smile)
    Things turned out to be quite differently. Even though I live a very frugal lifestyle, I still can’t make it through the month financially. Since age 16, at entering the wage slave era, I had to pay into Social Security. Fifty years later as a retiree the government gives me $880 to live on, which is “not enough to live and too much to die”, in this culture.
    Just to give you, the Resistance Movement, an idea how life is for surface dwellers who are forced to live in poverty: Going shopping can be frustrating when you have to pass the organic veggies and fruit and instead buy cheaper low-quality food. I can’t even afford to bring my sandals to the shoe repair, not to mention the luxury of going to the dentist. The land of milk and honey I once was part of, is no more. – Continued…
    I heard Cobra saying that from the Galactic’s viewpoint life on Earth is seen as hell. On the other hand, the Resistance Movement is sitting on all that confiscated gold, while we are struggling and waiting it out, perhaps for another ten years. How absurd is that!?

    Early in 2014 Cobra said in an interview that the Event is going to happen between now and the year 2025. Good to keep in mind! However, since then several times Cobra announced that “Victory is near”. But alas, we learned of new sinister Cabal obstacles blocking the way of which we had not heard of before.

    Frankly, I recently felt more doubts and sensed more contradictions. Overall, to me the whole subject of the Event feels more like clouded in disempowerment instead of joyous anticipation. The coming and going of dates could go on for a decade while it remains ‘classified’ who Cobra and his masters are and what their agenda may be.

    I was pondering, what could pass the Litmus Test, for my own clarity and also for other skeptical people? The American phrase “show me the money” popped into my mind.

    Dear Cobra and Resistance Movement, I am hereby asking you for a donation of $10,000 which can be sent anonymously via my website donation button. It’s a small amount to be granted, considering the vast collateral accounts which the Resistance Movement has removed from the cabal and secured in underground locations, ready for global distribution back to the people right after The Event.

    I would immediately buy a rural piece of land of 2 acres, like a friend did a few months ago. The lots start from $4,500 plus $500 fees and have to be paid in cash to the owner. I would gather a few people and start forming the first Ubuntu Community in the U.S. For those wanting to learn about the new paradigm, called Ubuntu Contributionism, as introduced by Michael Tellinger, visit It is all about living in a new way on Earth, based on unconditional love, not money. As the next step we would rent RV vehicles for each of us to get through the winter. This would require down payments.
    By this time we would have succeeded, we would have laid the foundation for “Dome Village Katrina”. We would put our powerful minds together and figure out how to provide the land with electricity and water.
    We would add to the few ones who are exercising free will for humanity by living off the grid, under the radar, practicing self-sufficiency and living as sovereign humans on Earth.

    Dear Cobra and Resistance Movement, providing me with the requested money would pass the Litmus Test; and it would enable me to serve my brothers and sisters in greater ways. After many years having lived openly as a Lightworker and being ridiculed and shunned, I would appreciate your grant as a tremendous Victory of the Light.
    For over two years I’ve been promoting Cobra, the Resistance Movement, and The Event in my Open Letters. These letters are composed to serve as Documents for Change.

    I am going to post this message on the Cobra blog comments and some other blogs.
    I’ll report the outcome and provide feedback.
    Bless you all! Let’s each awaken Victory of the Light within!
    Vib high – journey joyfully! Karin Lacy

    • Karin,
      I will post this article in the site as well…
      Great insight on you part. I’m glad you finally came to that conclusion about Cobra.

      • Dear Ari;
        Thanks for helping spread my letter to Cobra.
        I had also sent it to Alexandra Meadors, but she didn’t publish it.
        Of course everybody would want to know why the Alexandra-Cobra interviews stopped and Rob Potter became the interviewer instead. Not for reasons to gossip or to be nosy but to learn something about Cobra.
        People will speculate that there can basically be only two reasons for their breakup. Either Cobra told Alexandra that her implant removals are fraud or something like that, and she took it as an insult so big that she stopped all Cobra connection.
        Or Cobra told her things in private that were revelations about his role as a savior and she could not stand it any longer morally to be an insider of the game.
        Maybe Alexandra knows something that we the masses are not allowed to know, and maybe she even got threatened.
        The issue here is that the people are kept in the dark.

        The (not told) story contributed to my doubts about Cobra and the Event.
        Blessings, Karin

      • People are still blind and under that hypnotic spell… Very disempowering! Thank you for the courage to post this letter. I got a lot of heat when posting it – as I always do
        when I ruffle people’s feathers!



  2. I know this letter will confirm to my readers that Cobra is not what he proclaims to be. I have been watching him for a year now and have debunked him long time ago, this letter adds much credibility to my suspicions and to those of my readers as well. I thank you for your honesty, integrity and desire for fairness and truth. To Ari Kopel thank you so much for publishing this letter….it takes courage to be honest, and you are a warrior of truth, I admire and honor both of you!

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