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An Uprise Using Street Debris is Not An Uprise!

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A French protester’s hand — or arm — was recently blown off because he picked up a grenade, thinking it was a piece of debris to throw back, and it detonated. There was a video of the incident and it was removed from the internet. Even thought the article states there is a video, there isn’t.

So, this bit of news inspired me to create a meme…

The meme below requires no explanation. I think we know that the European people turned in all their weapons — with the exception of the criminals, of course. The law doesn’t apply to them. The criminals include the small-time crooks and goes all the way to the government! These can possess the power to overcome you and make you submit to their will.

APTOPIX France Gas Price Protests

Street debris is no match for bullets. That is common sense! The “powers that be” anticipated people uprising, so they started their gun-control and gun-turn-ins way in advance.. People can’t take anymore oppression coming at them from “all levels”, and the uprise was just a matter of time.

Yellow vests protest in Paris

They are trying hard in the United States via false-flag shootings, especially in schools and places where there are children because that makes a great photo-op and people tend to have a soft-spot for children…

When governments that go rogue turn against the people, and the people have no way to combat them, it’s game over! What’s happening in France, and now trickling to other countries, is a sign that the powers that rule this world have squeezed people to the point that they have no choice but to fight back.  The people have nothing to lose by uprising. If they die, it’s probably better than continuing to live in perpetual, socio-economic slavery.

The so-called “powers that be” are attempting to remove Trump — the only guy standing in their way for the take-over in the United States. They can’t push their gun-grab narrative so that it passes, so they create chaos at the border and via creating situations to give an excuse for impeachment.


If an uprise were to happen in the United States, the people will fight back, but will be facing weapons that are unimaginable, and no match for bullets.

“The Powers that Be” know… “They’re” setting up the stage for just that! If the American People don’t comply with gun confiscation, the government has other ways of getting these. California senator Rep. Eric Swalwell “warned gun owners Friday [November 16, 2018] that any fight over firearms would be “a short one,” because the federal government has an extensive cache of nuclear weapons.” Article HERE.

So, yes “They” are very confident that they’ll pull the guns from the American people’s “cold hands” one way or another!

The difference with a potential civil war in the States is that there are too many sides and opinions here. We have the Left vs the Right, the White’s and the Blacks against each other, the Truthers against Everyone… We’re not really The United States; and more than likely, we’ll be fighting each other and not “The Powers that Be”.

Clever, huh? They create the problem and instigate our differences of opinion and create ZERO Tolerance for one another, and they push us to the boiling point — the point of no return. And then, they sit back and watch as we take ourselves out of their equation!

Yeah, they always seem to “check-mate” us because we can’t fathom how diabolical they are, and that they literally are “creatures” that don’t sleep because their Reptilian Mind can only know a “win”!
Ari Kopel

Man has hand BLOWN OFF in explosion as Yellow Vest rally descends into chaos

Gruesome footage distributed by a pro-protest Facebook group appears to show a man cradling the mangled stump of his hand after an explosion at a Yellow Vest rally in Bordeaux. A total of 26 people were injured in the city.

As Yellow Vest protests swept through France on Saturday, some 4,500 people flooded the streets of Bordeaux. The tension began building up around 16:00 when some of the protesters started throwing rocks at police who responded by firing flash-balls.

As the situation gradually descended into chaos, a man was captured on video running towards a group of protesters holding his right hand after a particularly loud bang went off. As the man approaches, it appears that his hand is completely blown off, with only a bloody stump left. The footage was released by Facebook group France en colere (Angry France) that covered the latest mayhem.

The entire article HERE


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