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“Thank You, Darkness, My Old Friend…..”

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It’s wonderful when we discover that innermost part of ourselves, where the most radiant of light can be birthed! Blessings…

Aligning With Truth

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Dark periods.

We all have our fair share of those times of loss. Confusion. When nothing’s going right. One unfortunate experience after another. One closed door after the next.

I was in such a period recently. Still am actually. At its tail-end, hopefully.

I’m hoping this ‘dark period’ in my journey is in its concluding phase. That the last ‘episode of the drama’ which took place in early March is the last of the endless humps — of this series of humps, at least.

Last month, as I was attempting to make sense of all the ‘darkness,’ I came across this moving post from Ari Kopel, The Sound of Silence — The Meaning. I was struck by how she dissected the lyrics of the song and what it meant to her with which I so resonated.

In her post, Ari included the cover version…

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