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Hi Everyone,

Serena and I are hosting an open and Free Teleconference call. It is a critical Call-To-Action that is needed from all of us Right Now! Serena has a lot of information that was revealed to her and to another woman who was given direct information from The Mother herself about what we need to do as Light Bearers to help her through these “critical” times…

I support Serena and her Call-to-Action 100%

The Conference call will be this Wednesday, June 22nd at 8 pm EST.

This is Serena’s message to everyone:


This is PRESSING call from the Mother Herself for Help, She is dying. This moment in “time”is a critical juncture in earthly lives. Several have had visions and portends of a coming demise of this planet with “great suffering”. It is critical at present to unite to assuage a prophesy of the coming of ”great suffering” that the Mother Herself has foretold if Humanity does not gather to send her love to keep Her alive for this Earth and Humanity. No one lives without the Mother Earth and Her Waters. 
Mother Herself is asking for OUR help. I beg and plead for everyone to join in this auspicious gathering to forfend the prophesies of great suffering. Details to follow.
To be on this call, please dial:
Pin is:
Please RSVP!

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