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Anyone following the Gaiam TV, David Wilcock interviews with Corey Goode? I’m sure there’s many of us that are totally embracing this and buying into it… 

Well…unfortunately, the information provided by the so-called Corey Goode character and David Wilcock is yet another deception strategy. It sounds like it “could” be true, as many of us practice “Selective Discernment”. But, it is yet another strategy in the arsenal of the dark forces to keep us yet again from connecting to Source-Creator and from obtaining the Absolute Truth and Divine Guidance that will get us through “the eye of the needle”.


I have written two books specifically addressing how many of us obtain our truth and guidance from others. Most of these “others” are being used as disinformation operatives to give us the sweet-tasting falsities that we take in without questioning. My aim was to expose this and to get us all to start yearning for and connecting with Creator directly, so that we would no longer be deceived and spiritually derailed.


But, going to someone else’s information is so much easier, and of course there is less responsibility on our part. Unfortunately, there is no easy ride or free pass. We must all do the work and first have that desire to connect on our own. So, if by now, we’re not doing this or have the desire to go within – into the Great Silence – and contemplate and revere our Creator from there, we will fall into the deception traps provided by those who are meant to keep us distracted, appeased and confused – and wasting more time, as it is quickly running out for us in this plane of existence.


We are entering very trying times, times where we MUST be very level-headed, clear and anchored in our hearts. This means that what may be coming down the pike may put many of us in great fear. If we are not already doing what is necessary to be in that Sacred Space, no history of mankind or back-story is going to get us there!


What happened Aeons ago or thousands of years ago is clearly history. Where are we now? Where are we going? How are we going to get there? These are the questions that we should be asking. And why is disclosure so important, when so many of us are not even seeking our Creator? How is the proof of ETS going to allow us to function from Christ Consciousness through our own free will? We need proof of ETS to do that? The disclosure will suddenly make us think: “Oh, I better start being kinder, forgiving, more compassionate, more loving …”? We should be doing this regardless!



And since disclosure may or may not come, the promise of it is a way to keep us from taking responsibility for our thoughts, emotions, actions and speech. It’s a way from keeping us from being kinder, gentler, more compassionate and loving beings right NOW. And there will always be a dangling carrot to keep us chasing after some elusive date, or event, that purports to give us our salvation or ascension in the future.


Ascension is an ongoing process that is taking place right now, as we choose to monitor ourselves and master ourselves through right action, divine thoughts, loving emotions, kindness, compassion, etc.  Therefore, our Ascension or Descension is due to our choices and  the accompanying actions that move us towards a Higher-Vibrational existence of Light, Bliss, Perfection and Love, or one that is of entropy, or decay.


We are at the end of a finish line and we’re running out of runway. At the end of it is an abyss. What historical facts could possibly help us to lift off  – just in time – so we don’t fall off the precipice? The information that is needed at that moment is how to gain flight – not how flight was invented.


And we need to stop going to outside sources for our TRUTH. That TRUTH comes from our Direct Connection with our Creator – Period! Otherwise, we stand a very – VERY – high chance of the information and guidance being compromised, and thus steering us down a very bumpy and dark path!


I have included some links below as an alternative point of view about this “outside source” known as Corey Goode and David Wilcock.


I STRONGLY suggest we start connecting with our Creator every moment we can and asking for Guidance, Truth and Protection. We approach Creator with great humility, reverence, as an empty vessel waiting to be filled, with no expectation, with the Awe of a Little Child and with an attitude of gratitude…


And please, let us use great Discernment when embracing information that is coming from outside sources, as these are those days where there will be many False Prophets and very confusing information to keep us off the Direct Path! The Direct Path is as close as our heart. Go within and there ye shall find yourself  – and your Creator!


Here are some links to consider which will help provide more information to help us connect our own dots. But, ultimately, the TRUTH will be provided via our own connection with the Creator. There are no short-cuts!


Here is  a post by the illuminati blogger that is referred to as the Ruiner for clarification as to why Corey Goode is Mind Controlled:

and here is one written by Kerry Cassidy. She and her ex husband were the one’s repsonsible for bringing Corey Goode into the limelight:
and Kerry’s ex husband, Bill Ryan’s response:
29th July 2015 03:45Link to Post #27

UKAvalon FounderBill Ryan's Avatar

Default Re: What to Believe……… (Wilcock interviews Corey Goode on GaiamTV – July 2015)

My first encounter with Corey Goode was in 2006, when he was a Project Camelot follower. I have all our early e-mail correspondence. He made it known he was an IT specialist, and a sensitive and controversial issue came up (connected with the Serpo affair, that was very heated at the time) in which I wanted to correctly identify IP addresses from several different e-mail headers, some from government contacts.

Corey was able to assist me with that, but the very next day he wrote to me saying he had to break off all contact because he and his wife had returned home one evening and found all the lights left on. He was very anxious, and felt it was a warning.

A while later, he wrote back to me saying that I could be reassured that it was all a false alarm, as his wife had reminded him that he had left the lights on himself.

This is a true story.


and another one from Project Avalon’s site. (Here you will find Bill Ryan’s response as well):
I hope this gives all of us another perspective… Please do your due diligence to research and to connect your own dots!
Many Blessings,
Ari Kopel,

About the Author:

270e84_7ffbdca8fc4e4f5d9f41430393525662Ari Kopel is the Bestselling Author of “Spiritual Warfare & The Art of Deception: The Hijacking of Spirituality” and “Getting Back to Source: Tools for Connection, Protection and Empowerment”. Both became #1 Bestsellers and #1 New Releases in Amazon.

She specializes in Spiritual Psychology and is a counselor for those who are seeking to have a more profound experience with the God of their understanding and become fully empowered to help themselves, their loved ones and humanity.

Ari is also the founder of and the radio show host and creator of“Shattering the Matrix” on BlogTalkRadio.

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  1. I have exposed these two a long time ago. You don’t need common sense or logic, you simply FEEL these two.

  2. If you have time you might be interested in reading my latest post called “In Between Worlds”, It explains how we got into this mess in the first place. Thanks for all the work that you do.



  5. I asked my Akashic Team about WIlcock, Neil Keenan and “Cobra” a few years ago, and my Akash confirmed that these guys are all controlled by the very Criminal Cabal that they depict as “the dark ones” or “the elite” or “the Illuminati”… take your pick on what to call them… we all know who they are at this point, and they created a false “New Age” spirituality with many of these early emerging and now very successful “lightworkers.” When I commented with this news about Neil Keenan on some Jean lady’s blog, they all laughed at me and mocked me. Then, a couple years later, Jean herself exposed Keenan as a “scam artist.” WIth Goode’s story, it was very obvious to me that the story is contrived to create fear and panic that we, too, may be “enslaved” on Mars one day. Wilcock is doing much of the same in the create fear and panic game by letting you know at all times just how controlling and powerful “they” are. (A true sign that they are LOSING power and very desperate at this point to hold onto it.) You can always tell these cabal-controlled spokespeople by just how quirky and emotionally unbalanced they behave… Trump is the most current (and unfiltered) example. Thanks so much for posting this. It is time for the REAL spiritual leaders and humanitarians to step up and begin sharing their gifts and talents and the TRUTH. And, yes, get connected with source and pay attention to your body responses as you read or watch any of this “disclosure” media. You can also access and ask the Akashic Records. We all have a right to our own records and your Akashic team is always happy to share truth with you, even if it is info or disinfo coming from someone else. I highly recommend Linda Howe’s book: How to Read the Akashic Records.

    • Excellent insight! Thank you for your “Knowing” and your comment…

    • If you are consulting your akashic “team” or spirit guides or whatever- you too are still looking outside yourself for answers. Which can be distorted.

      • The Akashic Records are archived in our high-heart chakras and also downloaded into our DNA. The Pathway Prayer used to access your records puts you into a secure 6D vibration. All info comes from your higher self.

  6. Thank you Ari for revealing the truth….. and yes we can connect to Organic Earth operating system to pull real knowing about many things. This is REVEAL time, and oh boy is it moving fast, ALL that are part of the control system will be revealed, they will not be able to hide behind the lies any longer. I predicted (pulling info from earth living record) in 2013 that many (at that time it was about 90%) alternative media personalities are controlled/operated by the system. They (some are consciously aware and some are unaware) have a “mission” to collect HUman souls for harvest. David is fully aware….. and so are many more that I am not naming here, at least not yet but the time is near and many more will be revealed by 2017. Much gratitude and appreciation Ari for speaking up! Lily Earthling Kolosova

  7. This is completely non-critical
    I bet if we asked a few people to express their FEELINGS about some of you they wouldn’t be very good either. Just because someone does something good, for a good purpose, does not mean they haven’t done things in. their past that will make you feel this way. People can change, and they do all the time
    David actually just admitted he used to be an addict. If that doesn’t fuck you up spiritualy then I don’t know what will. And just because you’d like to think you have the ability to faultlessly judge someone based on your opinion does not mean you can. In fact it more than likely biases you from making a well-adjusted opinion in the first place.
    Akashic records are a tale essentially, that’s been handed down for ages. That means someone other than you came up with the idea thousands of years ago. It is not original, and actually make you think like an elitist yourselves. Think about it. You think you can get 100% truthful information from a 6th density location outside of yourself. It is not within you. The information is sent to you in oddly the same manner as the “God-head”

    Now listen, the only reason I’m saying this is because we are in the same boat. Why is the common goal always eclipsed by the small discrepancies? We are all working towards a full disclosure, regardless of what you want to think. I seriously don’t understand why people would want to divide so much, unless we were being controlled into it. Less people than you think are “mind-controlled”
    Most people are just confused or lied to. The elite we both mention are terrified of what would happen if we all just decided to stop segregating and being rude to one another and instead decided to work together. We out number them 1000 to one at least.
    That being said violence is not the answer. We need to trust in the justice system we currently have or create a new one.

  8. Additionally if the akashic records are indeed extant then they would be a culmination of all human knowledge. The specific knowledge you are looking for would likely be biased in opinion, or simply be incorrect. You know, just because we like to think that they aren’t, the elite likely have access to it as well, and are likely more knowledgeable than us about it.

    Sorry about double posting

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