Ari Kopel

What to Expect in 2016?

In Uncategorized on December 31, 2015 at 4:13 pm

This year has been interesting and a challenge for many of us. Some of us have experienced wonderful things. Yet many have mostly known disappointment – again – and have had their fair share of challenging circumstances. We’ve also witnessed further deterioration of what is known as civilization, an escalation of what is ugly, and the worst in humanity.

Some of us embrace the negative experiences and use these to make different choices that lead us to greater understandings. Other times, there are no choices, yet we sometimes bounce back with greater resolve and power. Or, we stay where we are – trapped in our own world of demise that is usually fabricated in our minds due to poor choices or the outer circumstances that find us due to those choices.

And then there is the myriad of other possibilities of why this year that leaves us today hasn’t turned out favorable for many of us. And yes, we can blame everything and everyone for it… And we probably will.


And tomorrow, when we get to write a check using 2016, things won’t change for the better, unless we do. We need to take responsibility for our actions or lack thereof. We begin by exercising our right to connect with the God of our understanding to infuse us with Divine Wisdom, Divine Grace, Divine Intercession and Divine Providence. We then stop trying to understand with our intellect and begin to allow for the experience and communion with Source-Creator. When we let go of feeling sorry for ourselves and put away our anger and replace it with the desire to be filled with that Divine Love that has no words or comprehension, then maybe we’ll realize that the power to change our lives was in us all along, by first truly desiring it and then connecting with that Power that has created Multiverses.

We can’t do that if we’re cursing that Power!

It does sound simpler that it is…  But to initiate the process is having the “simple” desire to do so…

This New Year 2016 comes with its own challenges, probably worse in scale than what we’ve witnessed thus far. And if we’re not consciously making preparations to keep ourselves in a place of inner peace, many of us will lose all we’ve gained on our spiritual path because most of our spiritual attainment has been in acquiring “knowledge”.

So, much of our journey has been “intellectualized” and not “experienced”. And when we don’t have our experiences with those Divine Realms, it is hard to fathom that these realms exist, when what we experience before us is a hell world. There is nothing to anchor us to a Higher Place, a safer place, a place where we are protected or that can intervene on our behalf. There is nothing in our own mundane experiences that will allow us to focus our attention to something that is Beyond this limited 3D experience!

So, this New Year, I wish you all the desire to Re-Connect with the God of your understanding, and allow that experience to unfold for you. I wish for you to enter this Sacred Space with Awe and Humility and that all your needs are filled beyond your wildest dreams.

May the peace that is granted to you – by this Communion – be that peace that goes beyond all human understanding. May you experience Exaltation – that Joy that is experienced when this connection is made, and may you partake of that Divine Love that is beyond mortal comprehension.

May this New Year be that year of transformation for all of us. And may we continue to conduct ourselves with love and honoring of one another.


With all my love and blessings – Always,


Ari Kopel

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