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CERN, The Tesseract Cube, Archons and Antarctica

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Interesting information and again, please use Discernment!

It seems things are starting to make more sense as these now come up to the surface. There is a Cube in Antarctica that seems kind of odd, but when we start connecting the dots with respect to the worship of Cubes and the connection with Saturn, we start seeing a pattern, especially when we put CERN into this equation. This gigantic Cube found in Antarctica could be holding ancient beings/Archons that are at the verge of being released as per Jay Weidner’s interview with Serena and myself, or this Cube could to be used to open up portals that will open the doors to these beings/Archons and/or demons. This is just a hunch based on the clues that these sinister ones are leaving behind.

Listen to this interview with Jay Weidner for an understanding of Archons and their so-called imprisonment – and release:

And Listen to this video speak about the Jam – which I believe are the Djinn.

Here’s some information about that Cube found in Antarctica.


  • Sebastião Salgado, Fortress of Solitude, from the series Genesis
View in
a room

About The Work

In Fortress of Solitude Sebastião Salgado captures the sheer magnificence of the natural world on his voyage to Antarctica. Traveling for days to find this unique iceberg, Salgado considers the work to be his first true photograph of the journey and parallels its structure to that of a medieval castle. As with all of the artist’s works, the photograph is shot with black-and-white film and resonates with Salgado’s adherence to simplicity.

The work is from the series Genesis, a project sponsored by the United Nations, the United Nations Environmental Project, UNESCO, and the Guardian News. Started in 2004, Genesis is Salgado’s eight-year mission to document environments and communities around the world in their pure, unindustrialized state.

About Sebastião Salgado

Economist-turned-artist Sebastião Salgado began his photography practice after his finance role with the International Coffee Organization and the World Bank led him to travel to tea plantations in Africa. Inspired by the people he photographed during his trips, Salgado quit his finance job to continue traveling and photographing the rest of the world and its inhabitants. His works highlight global …
– Ari Kopel
  1. What is cern doing about the cube/tesseract they found in Antarctica?

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