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An Ugly Reality

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It feels like I’m caught in an alternate reality/nightmare, or parallel universe, and I can’t seem to get back to the one I’m originally from or remember – the more “normal” one, if the concept of “normal” is even real!

I find that the “hellish” reality I’m currently fully aware of is spawning off other alternative realities that promise to be worse than the one I currently find myself in. I can’t help but wonder if this was deliberately brought on by technology like CERN, incantations and satanic rituals, if this is another facet of the “Matrix” and off-world controllers, or if it is a part of the corrupt software that is now programming itself into something so perverse and wicked that there is no overriding it!

Or is it All of the above?

I’m watching this unfold, with a terrible, gut-wrenching sadness, watching the fate of a world and all humanity go down a path of deception, acquiescence and possible annihilation.

I also want to address the fresh and re-opened stab wounds inflicted by friends and family members as they criticize, reprimand, reject, shun and remove themselves from my life because I’m one of those who still dares to want to stay sovereign, voice my own opinions and think for myself, one who calls it like it is, who sees with a different pair of eyes and processes with a non-physical brain!

I’m sorry to have to break this news, but the world as we “Knew” it ceased to be! It’s time to stop the denial. It’s time to stop the programmed, new-age rhetoric and Kumbaya mentality – where everything is where it should be and evil-doers hold hands with god-loving people and all get together to celebrate our oneness! I’m sorry, but I’m NOT one with evil and those who carry it out! That was the big “Blue Pill” meant to get us all to where we find ourselves now!

This world is creating an army of zombies who will be the majority, and forcing the few who are fighting to remain ensouled humans to join the rest via coercion, guilt and forced solitude!

Is this a nightmare we can wake up from, or have we walked through the veil of another universe, and this is where we find ourselves now – the new reality? Because it doesn’t make sense! How do we go from a world at peace, prosperity, a strong economy and spiritual progress to moral collapse, godlessness, decay, and destruction of human rights? How is evil protected by so many and how are so many involved in evil? How did we go from a world that glorified a God, a Creator, to one that glorifies Satan, a destroyer?

Something has flipped in this alternate world!

It’s not the same world many of us have known… The question is: is there a doorway back to where we’re originally from, or has it shut? Was it destroyed? Did we walk through voluntarily or did we just happen to find ourselves here due to complacency? Were we “forced” into this world? Is the “Artificial Intelligence” that is generating this corrupt software program vulnerable to hacking? And who are those that will hack it?

Am I the only fool who sees this?

Are there any ensouled humans left, with a conscience, with memory of a different, better world, not too long ago, one where children were innocent, and playing in the park was still a thing to look forward to and safe? Does anyone still remember a place where eating as a family at the table was something to do together, a place where children, regardless of age, still respected their parents and took care of them in their elderly years? Where is that place where we honored our history and fought for our future as free people?

What happened to the people of that place?

What world are we all in? Is this just my experience and it’s all in my mind?

I know it’s a collective experience and I’m sure many of you feel the same.

I’m out of words and out of will!

I’m tired of thinking, wishing, waiting – being lied to!

Actually, I just want to go HOME and rest for awhile…

– Ari Kopel

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Ari Kopel is the Bestselling Author of “Spiritual Warfare & The Art of Deception: The Hijacking of Spirituality” and “Getting Back to Source: Tools for Connection, Protection and Empowerment”. Both became #1 Bestsellers and #1 New Releases in Amazon.

She specializes in Spiritual Psychology and is a counselor for those who are seeking to have a more profound experience with the God of their understanding and become fully empowered to help themselves, their loved ones and humanity.

Ari is also the radio show host and creator of “Shattering the Matrix” on You Tube.

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Winter is Temporary…

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I looked outside the glass of the front door, saw my American Flag waving freely in the wind, bright red, white and blue — a contrast to the parched-looking landscape and barren trees — and I suddenly felt at peace.

I realized that despite a brutal, physical and spiritual winter, Spring is indeed coming  — it always does.

The flag will wave gently, the grass on the pastures will be green, the trees will again provide shade, and the hearts of “We the People” will find joy once again.

Most of us tend to share the same love of God, love of country, love of family… We are those who stand for the flag and stand by a Constitution that guarantees our rights, as given by God.

Although we may think differently, have different customs, have slightly different ways of looking at a glass of water that is filled halfway, most of us stand with the unifying knowledge that there is a Higher Intelligence, a Supreme Creator who many of us call God, or Jesus, or Hashem.

Despite the illusion of darkness, the Light of goodness and holiness always manages to break through those ominous, dark clouds, and blasts what hides in shadows.

The sun will warm up the land and life will break through, regardless of the obstacles in its way.

Life will spring forth yet again., always given another chance… The omnipotent force of creation always finds a way to express.

The Original Blueprint of Creator WILL BE Restored,

as we humble ourselves, and commit to always keeping our torch lit, and never succumbing to darkness again!
– Ari Kopel